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12485 NED SGNR EXPRES Running status

Departure11:00 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated19 Jan 2019 2:15
1H Sahib Nanded11:00Right TimeYet to start
2Purna Jn11:3011:40Right Time30 km
3Hingoli Deccan12:5913:00Right Time111 km
4Washim13:4913:50Right Time158 km
5Akola Jn16:0016:05Right Time237 km
6Malkapur17:0317:05Right Time327 km
7Khandwa20:1020:15Right Time493 km
8Itarsi Jn22:3022:40Right Time676 km
9Bhopal Jn00:2500:30Right Time768 km
10Bina Jn02:3302:38Right Time906 km
11Jhansi Jn04:4004:50Right Time1057 km
12Gwalior Jn06:0506:10Right Time1154 km
13Agra Cantt09:1009:15Right Time1273 km
14Mathura Jn10:0710:10Right Time1327 km
15New Delhi13:0013:30Right Time1467 km
16Rohtak Jn14:5715:00Right Time1538 km
17Jakhal Jn17:0317:07Right Time1667 km
18Sangrur17:4617:47Right Time1718 km
19Dhuri Jn18:2018:35Right Time1734 km
20Barnala18:5919:01Right Time1764 km
21Tapa19:2219:24Right Time1783 km
22Rampura Phul19:3619:38Right Time1797 km
23Bhatinda Jn20:1020:15Right Time1829 km
24Giddarbaha20:4220:44Right Time1857 km
25Malout20:5821:00Right Time1873 km
26Abohar21:2321:25Right Time1902 km
27Shri Ganganagar22:30Right Time1955 km