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12505 NORTH EAST EXP Running status

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EExpected09:45 22 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Guwahati09:45Right TimeYet to start
2Kamakhya10:0010:02Right Time6 km
3Rangiya Jn10:5310:58Right Time47 km
4New Bongaigaon12:3512:45Right Time156 km
5Kokrajhar13:1213:14Right Time184 km
6New Alipurduar14:1514:17Right Time263 km
7New Cooch Behar14:5014:52Right Time282 km
8Jalpaiguri Road16:1816:20Right Time374 km
9New Jalpaiguri17:1017:25Right Time408 km
10Kishanganj18:3018:32Right Time495 km
11Barsoi Jn19:1819:20Right Time552 km
12Katihar Jn20:5021:15Right Time592 km
13Naugachia22:0322:05Right Time649 km
14Mansi Jn22:5022:52Right Time707 km
15Khagaria Jn.23:0523:08Right Time715 km
16Begu Sarai23:3723:40Right Time756 km
17Barauni Jn00:1500:25Right Time771 km
18Patliputra02:5503:05Right Time879 km
19Danapur03:2003:22Right Time885 km
20Ara03:5003:52Right Time925 km
21Buxar04:3604:38Right Time993 km
22Mughal Sarai Jn07:0207:17Right Time1086 km
23Allahabad Jn09:3509:45Right Time1235 km
24Fatehpur11:1911:20Right Time1352 km
25Kanpur Central12:4512:55Right Time1429 km
26Etawah14:3414:35Right Time1568 km
27Tundla Jn15:5015:53Right Time1660 km
28Aligarh Jn16:4616:49Right Time1738 km
29Ghaziabad18:4518:47Right Time1851 km
30Anand Vihar Terminal19:20Right Time1864 km