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12509 GUWAHATI EXP Running status

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Bangalore Cant-BNC
EExpected23:40 25 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Bangalore Cant23:40Right TimeYet to start
2Krishnarajapurm23:5123:53Right Time9 km
3Bangarapet00:3800:40Right Time65 km
4Jolarpettai02:0802:10Right Time143 km
5Katpadi Jn03:1003:30Right Time227 km
6Arakkonam04:1804:20Right Time288 km
7Perambur05:3005:35Right Time357 km
8Ongole10:4910:50Right Time649 km
9Vijayawada Jn13:0513:20Right Time787 km
10Rajamundry15:2715:29Right Time936 km
11Visakhapatnam19:1019:30Right Time1137 km
12Vizianagram Jn20:3020:35Right Time1198 km
13Srikakulam Road21:3021:32Right Time1267 km
14Palasa22:4522:47Right Time1340 km
15Brahmapur23:4023:42Right Time1414 km
16Balugaon00:3700:39Right Time1490 km
17Khurda Road Jn01:4502:00Right Time1561 km
18Bhubaneswar02:2502:30Right Time1580 km
19Cuttack03:0003:05Right Time1607 km
20Jajpur Keonjhar Road03:5603:58Right Time1675 km
21Bhadrakh05:3305:35Right Time1718 km
22Balasore06:2006:22Right Time1780 km
23Kharagpur Jn08:1508:30Right Time1898 km
24Santragachi Jn10:0310:05Right Time2008 km
25Howrah Jn10:5511:15Right Time2015 km
26Bolpur Shantiniketan13:1813:23Right Time2161 km
27Rampur Hat14:2614:28Right Time2222 km
28New Farakka Jn16:1416:16Right Time2308 km
29Malda Town17:1517:30Right Time2343 km
30Barsoi Jn18:4018:42Right Time2431 km
31Kishanganj19:3019:32Right Time2488 km
32New Jalpaiguri21:2521:45Right Time2576 km
33Jalpaiguri Road22:3022:32Right Time2609 km
34Dhupguri23:0023:02Right Time2641 km
35New Cooch Behar23:5523:57Right Time2702 km
36New Alipurduar00:1800:20Right Time2720 km
37Kokrajhar01:1501:17Right Time2799 km
38New Bongaigaon02:2002:25Right Time2827 km
39Barpeta Road03:0003:02Right Time2871 km
40Rangiya Jn04:0004:05Right Time2936 km
41Kamakhya05:0505:07Right Time2977 km
42Guwahati06:00Right Time2984 km