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12562 SWATANTRTA S EXP Running status

Departure20:40 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated22 Jan 2019 2:15
1New Delhi20:40Right TimeYet to start
2Aligarh Jn22:3222:34Right Time132 km
3Kanpur Central02:4002:45Right Time431 km
4Allahabad Jn05:4505:55Right Time625 km
5Gyanpur Road06:5807:00Right Time689 km
6Bhulanpur F07:5007:51Right Time743 km
7Varanasi Jn08:2508:35Right Time749 km
8Aunrihar Jn09:1309:15Right Time784 km
9Ghazipur City09:4809:53Right Time824 km
10Yusufpur10:1010:12Right Time844 km
11Ballia11:0511:10Right Time890 km
12Suraimanpur11:4311:45Right Time926 km
13Chhapra12:4513:00Right Time955 km
14Sonpur Jn13:5313:55Right Time1008 km
15Hajipur Jn14:0514:10Right Time1014 km
16Muzaffarpur Jn15:2515:30Right Time1068 km
17Samastipur Jn16:3517:00Right Time1119 km
18Darbhanga Jn17:5017:55Right Time1157 km
19Sakri Jn18:1318:15Right Time1176 km
20Madhubani18:3018:32Right Time1193 km
21Jaynagar19:25Right Time1225 km