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12592 GORAKHPUR EXP Running status

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Yasvantpur Jn-YPR
EExpected17:20 21 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update21 May 2018 10:55
Yet to start
1Yasvantpur Jn17:20Right TimeYet to start
2Hindupur18:3918:40Right Time95 km
3Dharmavaram Jn20:3520:40Right Time174 km
4Anantapur21:1821:20Right Time208 km
5Guntakal Jn22:2022:35Right Time276 km
6Adoni23:1423:15Right Time327 km
7Manthralayam Road23:5423:55Right Time368 km
8Raichur00:2300:25Right Time397 km
9Begampet06:2306:25Right Time683 km
10Secunderabad Jn06:5507:20Right Time689 km
11Kazipet Jn09:1409:16Right Time829 km
12Ramagundam10:2910:30Right Time931 km
13Manchiryal10:5911:00Right Time945 km
14Belampalli11:3911:40Right Time965 km
15Sirpur Kaghaznagar12:0612:07Right Time1003 km
16Balharshah13:2513:35Right Time1073 km
17Chandrapur Maharashtra13:5413:55Right Time1087 km
18Hinganghat14:5414:55Right Time1171 km
19Sevagram15:3415:35Right Time1208 km
20Nagpur17:0017:10Right Time1284 km
21Pandhurna18:2418:25Right Time1388 km
22Amla Jn19:3019:33Right Time1452 km
23Betul19:4919:50Right Time1475 km
24Ghoradongri20:2920:30Right Time1511 km
25Itarsi Jn22:1022:20Right Time1581 km
26Bhopal Jn00:0500:10Right Time1673 km
27Lalitpur03:0403:05Right Time1874 km
28Jhansi Jn04:1804:30Right Time1963 km
29Orai05:5806:03Right Time2076 km
30Pokhrayan06:3406:35Right Time2124 km
31Kanpur Central08:1508:20Right Time2182 km
32Unnao Jn08:4308:44Right Time2199 km
33Lucknow Ne09:4510:05Right Time2256 km
34Badshahnagar10:3010:32Right Time2267 km
35Barabanki Jn11:0311:05Right Time2292 km
36Gonda Jn12:2012:25Right Time2380 km
37Mankapur Jn12:4912:51Right Time2408 km
38Basti13:4213:45Right Time2470 km
39Khalilabad14:0914:11Right Time2499 km
40Gorakhpur15:05Right Time2534 km