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12601 MANGALORE MAIL Running status

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Chennai Central-MAS
EExpected20:20 21 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Chennai Central20:20Right TimeYet to start
2Tiruvallur20:4920:50Right Time47 km
3Arakkonam21:0821:10Right Time74 km
4Walajah Road21:3921:40Right Time110 km
5Katpadi Jn21:5822:00Right Time135 km
6Jolarpettai23:2323:25Right Time219 km
7Salem Jn00:5200:55Right Time339 km
8Erode Jn01:5001:55Right Time401 km
9Tiruppur02:3802:40Right Time452 km
10Podanur Jn03:2803:30Right Time495 km
11Palakkad04:3004:35Right Time543 km
12Ottappalam04:5805:00Right Time575 km
13Shoranur Jn05:3005:40Right Time586 km
14Pattambi05:5806:00Right Time597 km
15Kuttippuram06:2306:25Right Time616 km
16Tirur06:4806:50Right Time631 km
17Tanur06:5807:00Right Time639 km
18Parpanangadi07:0907:10Right Time647 km
19Ferok07:3407:35Right Time662 km
20Kozhikkode (Calicut)07:5508:00Right Time672 km
21Quilandi08:2408:25Right Time696 km
22Vadakara (Badagara)08:3808:40Right Time718 km
23Mahe08:4908:50Right Time731 km
24Thalassery (Tellicherry)09:0309:05Right Time740 km
25Kannur (Cannanore)09:3009:35Right Time761 km
26Payangadi09:5309:55Right Time783 km
27Payyanur10:0310:05Right Time794 km
28Charvattur10:1810:20Right Time809 km
29Kanhangad10:3810:40Right Time823 km
30Kasaragod10:5811:00Right Time846 km
31Mangalore Central12:25Right Time892 km