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12615 GRAND TRUNK EXP Running status

Departure19:15 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated23 Mar 2019 2:15
1Chennai Central19:15Right TimeYet to start
2Gudur Jn21:2821:30Right Time137 km
3Nellore21:4421:45Right Time176 km
4Ongole23:0823:10Right Time292 km
5Chirala23:4823:50Right Time341 km
6Bapatla00:1200:13Right Time356 km
7Tenali Jn00:4400:45Right Time399 km
8Vijayawada Jn01:4501:55Right Time430 km
9Khammam03:1803:20Right Time530 km
10Warangal04:5805:00Right Time637 km
11Ramagundam06:1906:20Right Time738 km
12Manchiryal06:3306:34Right Time752 km
13Sirpur Kaghaznagar07:2307:25Right Time810 km
14Balharshah08:4508:55Right Time880 km
15Chandrapur Maharashtra09:1209:15Right Time894 km
16Hinganghat10:1710:18Right Time978 km
17Sevagram10:5911:00Right Time1015 km
18Nagpur12:1512:25Right Time1091 km
19Narkher13:3013:31Right Time1176 km
20Pandhurna13:4913:50Right Time1195 km
21Amla Jn14:5514:57Right Time1258 km
22Betul15:1615:17Right Time1281 km
23Ghoradongri15:5815:59Right Time1318 km
24Itarsi Jn17:1517:20Right Time1388 km
25Hoshangabad17:3817:40Right Time1406 km
26Habibganj18:4518:47Right Time1474 km
27Bhopal Jn19:1519:25Right Time1480 km
28Vidisha19:5920:01Right Time1533 km
29Ganj Basoda20:3220:34Right Time1572 km
30Bina Jn21:2521:30Right Time1618 km
31Jhansi Jn23:3023:40Right Time1769 km
32Gwalior Jn00:5000:55Right Time1866 km
33Morena01:2001:22Right Time1905 km
34Dhaulpur01:5101:53Right Time1932 km
35Agra Cantt02:4502:50Right Time1985 km
36Raja Ki Mandi02:5803:00Right Time1989 km
37Mathura Jn03:4503:50Right Time2039 km
38Faridabad05:1805:20Right Time2151 km
39Hazrat Nizamuddin06:0006:02Right Time2172 km
40New Delhi06:30Right Time2179 km