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12618 MNGLA LKSDP EXP Running status

Departure09:15 Right Time
Platform 7
Yet to start
Updated16 Aug 2018 0:05
1Hazrat Nizamuddin09:15Right TimeYet to start
2Faridabad09:3309:35Right Time21 km
3Mathura Jn11:0811:10Right Time133 km
4Agra Cantt12:0512:10Right Time187 km
5Morena13:2013:22Right Time267 km
6Gwalior Jn13:5514:00Right Time306 km
7Jhansi Jn15:3015:40Right Time403 km
8Bina Jn17:4017:45Right Time554 km
9Bhopal Jn19:5020:00Right Time692 km
10Itarsi Jn21:4021:45Right Time784 km
11Khandwa00:0500:10Right Time967 km
12Burhanpur01:0301:05Right Time1036 km
13Bhusaval Jn02:0002:05Right Time1091 km
14Manmad Jn04:2204:25Right Time1275 km
15Nasik Road05:1505:20Right Time1348 km
16Igatpuri06:4006:45Right Time1398 km
17Kalyan Jn08:3208:35Right Time1482 km
18Panvel09:2509:30Right Time1519 km
19Chiplun13:5613:58Right Time1771 km
20Ratnagiri15:5015:55Right Time1877 km
21Kankavli17:4417:46Right Time2033 km
22Thivim19:1019:12Right Time2142 km
23Madgaon20:3020:40Right Time2191 km
24Karwar21:3621:38Right Time2250 km
25Kumta22:2822:30Right Time2305 km
26Bhatkal23:4023:42Right Time2363 km
27Kundapura00:3400:36Right Time2412 km
28Udupi00:5600:58Right Time2443 km
29Mangalore Jn02:2002:30Right Time2506 km
30Kasaragod03:1303:15Right Time2558 km
31Kanhangad03:3303:35Right Time2581 km
32Nileshwar03:4303:45Right Time2590 km
33Payyanur04:0804:10Right Time2610 km
34Payangadi04:1804:20Right Time2622 km
35Kannur (Cannanore)05:0205:05Right Time2643 km
36Thalassery (Tellicherry)05:2805:30Right Time2664 km
37Vadakara (Badagara)05:4805:50Right Time2686 km
38Quilandi06:0806:10Right Time2708 km
39Kozhikkode (Calicut)06:5206:55Right Time2733 km
40Ferok07:1307:15Right Time2742 km
41Parpanangadi07:2807:30Right Time2758 km
42Tirur07:4307:45Right Time2774 km
43Kuttippuram08:0308:05Right Time2789 km
44Pattambi08:2308:25Right Time2807 km
45Shoranur Jn09:0009:05Right Time2819 km
46Thrisur09:4709:50Right Time2852 km
47Aluva (Alwaye)10:5310:55Right Time2906 km
48Ernakulam Jn12:15Right Time2926 km