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12626 KERALA EXPRESS Running status

Departure11:25 Right Time
Platform 3
Yet to start
Updated22 Jan 2019 2:15
1New Delhi11:25Right TimeYet to start
2Mathura Jn13:1813:20Right Time141 km
3Agra Cantt14:0514:10Right Time194 km
4Gwalior Jn16:0516:10Right Time313 km
5Jhansi Jn17:4017:50Right Time410 km
6Bina Jn19:5019:55Right Time561 km
7Bhopal Jn21:5021:55Right Time700 km
8Itarsi Jn23:4523:55Right Time791 km
9Nagpur04:0004:10Right Time1088 km
10Sevagram05:1105:13Right Time1164 km
11Chandrapur Maharashtra06:5206:55Right Time1286 km
12Balharshah07:4007:50Right Time1299 km
13Ramagundam09:3009:32Right Time1441 km
14Warangal11:0211:07Right Time1542 km
15Vijayawada Jn14:4514:55Right Time1748 km
16Nellore17:5918:00Right Time2003 km
17Gudur Jn18:5919:05Right Time2041 km
18Renigunta Jn20:3020:35Right Time2124 km
19Tirupati20:5821:00Right Time2134 km
20Chittoor21:5822:00Right Time2206 km
21Katpadi Jn23:1023:12Right Time2238 km
22Jolarpettai00:3800:40Right Time2322 km
23Salem Jn02:1002:15Right Time2442 km
24Erode Jn03:1003:15Right Time2505 km
25Tiruppur03:5804:00Right Time2555 km
26Coimbatore Jn05:0005:05Right Time2605 km
27Palakkad06:2206:25Right Time2659 km
28Ottappalam06:4906:50Right Time2691 km
29Thrisur07:3207:35Right Time2735 km
30Aluva (Alwaye)08:3308:35Right Time2789 km
31Ernakulam Town09:2009:25Right Time2806 km
32Vaikam Road10:0910:10Right Time2844 km
33Kottayam11:1211:15Right Time2869 km
34Changanaseri11:3411:35Right Time2887 km
35Tiruvalla11:4411:45Right Time2895 km
36Chengannur11:5311:55Right Time2904 km
37Mavelikara12:0412:05Right Time2916 km
38Kayankulam12:1312:15Right Time2924 km
39Kollam Jn13:1013:15Right Time2965 km
40Varkala13:3413:35Right Time2988 km
41Trivandrum Pettah14:0914:10Right Time3027 km
42Thiruvananthapuram Central15:15Right Time3029 km