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12628 KARNATAKA EXP Running status

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New Delhi-NDLS
EExpected21:15 25 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1New Delhi21:15Right TimeYet to start
2Mathura Jn23:0123:03Right Time140 km
3Agra Cantt23:4723:50Right Time194 km
4Gwalior Jn01:2701:30Right Time312 km
5Jhansi Jn02:5403:06Right Time409 km
6Bina Jn04:5504:57Right Time561 km
7Bhopal Jn06:5006:55Right Time699 km
8Itarsi Jn08:2008:30Right Time791 km
9Khandwa11:0011:05Right Time974 km
10Burhanpur11:5311:55Right Time1043 km
11Bhusaval Jn12:4512:55Right Time1098 km
12Jalgaon Jn13:1813:20Right Time1122 km
13Manmad Jn15:3015:35Right Time1281 km
14Kopargaon16:2016:25Right Time1323 km
15Belapur16:5817:00Right Time1367 km
16Ahmadnagar18:0218:05Right Time1434 km
17Daund Jn20:0020:10Right Time1518 km
18Kurduvadi22:0822:10Right Time1627 km
19Solapur Jn00:0100:10Right Time1706 km
20Gulbarga01:5702:00Right Time1819 km
21Wadi02:4502:50Right Time1856 km
22Yadgir03:1803:20Right Time1894 km
23Raichur04:1804:20Right Time1963 km
24Manthralayam Road04:4904:50Right Time1991 km
25Adoni05:2805:30Right Time2032 km
26Guntakal Jn06:4006:50Right Time2084 km
27Gooty Jn07:1907:20Right Time2112 km
28Anantapur08:1808:20Right Time2169 km
29Dharmavaram Jn09:2009:25Right Time2203 km
30Sri Sathya Sai Prasanti Nilayam09:5910:00Right Time2236 km
31Penukonda10:2910:30Right Time2256 km
32Hindupur10:5410:55Right Time2293 km
33Yelahanka Jn.12:1312:15Right Time2377 km
34Bangalore Cant13:0813:10Right Time2399 km
35Ksr Bengaluru13:40Right Time2403 km