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12715 SACHKHAND EXP Running status

Departure09:30 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated20 Jan 2019 2:15
1H Sahib Nanded09:30Right TimeYet to start
2Purna Jn10:0510:07Right Time30 km
3Parbhani Jn10:3510:37Right Time59 km
4Jalna12:1312:15Right Time174 km
5Aurangabad13:3513:40Right Time236 km
6Manmad Jn15:5015:55Right Time348 km
7Chalisgaon Jn16:4316:45Right Time415 km
8Jalgaon Jn17:5317:55Right Time508 km
9Bhusaval Jn18:2518:35Right Time532 km
10Burhanpur19:1819:20Right Time586 km
11Khandwa20:5020:55Right Time655 km
12Itarsi Jn23:1023:15Right Time838 km
13Bhopal Jn00:5000:55Right Time930 km
14Bina Jn02:4602:48Right Time1068 km
15Lalitpur03:4003:42Right Time1131 km
16Jhansi Jn04:5005:00Right Time1220 km
17Dabra05:4205:44Right Time1275 km
18Gwalior Jn06:2106:26Right Time1317 km
19Morena06:5807:00Right Time1355 km
20Dhaulpur07:2807:30Right Time1383 km
21Agra Cantt08:3508:40Right Time1435 km
22Mathura Jn09:2709:30Right Time1489 km
23Faridabad11:1411:16Right Time1602 km
24Hazrat Nizamuddin11:4611:48Right Time1622 km
25New Delhi12:1012:30Right Time1630 km
26Panipat Jn13:4213:44Right Time1719 km
27Karnal14:0714:09Right Time1753 km
28Kurukshetra Jn14:3514:37Right Time1787 km
29Ambala Cant Jn15:4515:50Right Time1828 km
30Rajpura Jn16:1316:15Right Time1856 km
31Sirhind Jn16:3816:40Right Time1881 km
32Khanna16:5316:55Right Time1899 km
33Ludhiana Jn17:4417:54Right Time1942 km
34Phagwara Jn18:2218:24Right Time1977 km
35Jalandhar City18:5519:00Right Time1998 km
36Beas19:3219:34Right Time2035 km
37Amritsar Jn20:20Right Time2077 km