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12716 ASR NED EXPRESS Running status

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Amritsar Jn-ASR
EExpected05:35 23 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Amritsar Jn05:35Right TimeYet to start
2Beas06:0306:05Right Time42 km
3Jalandhar City06:4006:45Right Time78 km
4Phagwara Jn07:0107:03Right Time99 km
5Ludhiana Jn07:4507:55Right Time135 km
6Khanna08:3508:37Right Time177 km
7Sirhind Jn08:5308:55Right Time195 km
8Rajpura Jn09:1309:14Right Time221 km
9Ambala Cant Jn09:5510:00Right Time249 km
10Kurukshetra Jn10:3310:35Right Time290 km
11Karnal11:0011:02Right Time323 km
12Panipat Jn11:3111:33Right Time358 km
13New Delhi13:0013:20Right Time447 km
14Faridabad13:4713:49Right Time475 km
15Mathura Jn15:3015:33Right Time588 km
16Agra Cantt16:2016:25Right Time641 km
17Dhaulpur17:1317:15Right Time694 km
18Morena17:3817:40Right Time721 km
19Gwalior Jn18:1118:16Right Time760 km
20Dabra18:4918:51Right Time802 km
21Jhansi Jn19:4619:56Right Time857 km
22Lalitpur20:5821:00Right Time945 km
23Bina Jn22:2522:27Right Time1008 km
24Bhopal Jn00:1500:20Right Time1146 km
25Itarsi Jn01:4001:50Right Time1238 km
26Khandwa04:3004:35Right Time1421 km
27Burhanpur05:2805:30Right Time1490 km
28Bhusaval Jn06:2006:30Right Time1545 km
29Jalgaon Jn06:5306:55Right Time1569 km
30Chalisgaon Jn07:5307:55Right Time1662 km
31Manmad Jn09:0509:10Right Time1729 km
32Aurangabad11:3011:35Right Time1840 km
33Jalna12:2312:25Right Time1903 km
34Parbhani Jn14:0814:10Right Time2018 km
35Purna Jn14:4314:45Right Time2046 km
36H Sahib Nanded16:00Right Time2077 km