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12722 DAKSHIN EXPRESS Running status

Departure23:00 Right Time
Platform 5
Yet to start
Updated16 Jul 2018 2:15
1Hazrat Nizamuddin23:00Right TimeYet to start
2Faridabad23:1823:20Right Time21 km
3Ballabgarh23:3223:34Right Time29 km
4Kosi Kalan00:2000:22Right Time92 km
5Mathura Jn00:5501:00Right Time133 km
6Agra Cantt01:5502:00Right Time187 km
7Morena03:1003:12Right Time267 km
8Gwalior Jn03:4303:48Right Time306 km
9Dabra04:2404:25Right Time348 km
10Datia04:4304:45Right Time378 km
11Jhansi Jn05:2005:30Right Time403 km
12Babina05:5305:55Right Time427 km
13Lalitpur06:4006:42Right Time491 km
14Bina Jn07:5508:00Right Time554 km
15Mandi Bamora08:1708:18Right Time571 km
16Ganj Basoda08:4008:41Right Time600 km
17Vidisha09:0909:11Right Time639 km
18Bhopal Jn10:0510:15Right Time692 km
19Habibganj10:2710:29Right Time698 km
20Hoshangabad11:3011:32Right Time766 km
21Itarsi Jn12:1012:20Right Time784 km
22Ghoradongri13:2313:25Right Time854 km
23Betul14:1214:15Right Time891 km
24Amla Jn14:4114:43Right Time914 km
25Multai14:5714:59Right Time937 km
26Pandhurna15:4515:47Right Time977 km
27Narkher16:0016:02Right Time995 km
28Katol16:2216:24Right Time1021 km
29Nagpur17:3517:45Right Time1081 km
30Sindi18:1918:21Right Time1127 km
31Sevagram18:5118:53Right Time1157 km
32Hinganghat19:2119:23Right Time1194 km
33Warora19:5319:55Right Time1232 km
34Bhandak20:1420:16Right Time1254 km
35Chandrapur Maharashtra20:4520:48Right Time1278 km
36Balharshah21:4521:50Right Time1292 km
37Sirpur Kaghaznagar22:4822:50Right Time1362 km
38Belampalli23:1323:15Right Time1400 km
39Manchiryal23:3023:32Right Time1420 km
40Ramagundam23:4123:43Right Time1434 km
41Peddapalli23:5323:55Right Time1451 km
42Jamikunta00:2300:25Right Time1491 km
43Kazipet Jn01:2001:40Right Time1536 km
44Jangaon02:0802:10Right Time1584 km
45Bhongir02:4802:50Right Time1621 km
46Secunderabad Jn04:0504:10Right Time1676 km
47Hyderabad Decan05:00Right Time1684 km