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12725 INTERCITY EXP Running status

Departure13:00 Right Time
Platform 9
Yet to start
Updated19 Jan 2019 2:15
1Ksr Bengaluru13:00Right TimeYet to start
2Yasvantpur Jn13:1013:11Right Time5 km
3Tumkur14:0314:05Right Time69 km
4Tiptur15:0415:05Right Time139 km
5Arsikere Jn15:3515:40Right Time165 km
6Kadur16:1316:15Right Time204 km
7Birur Jn16:2516:27Right Time210 km
8Ajjampur16:4416:45Right Time228 km
9Hosadurga Road17:0417:05Right Time249 km
10Chikjajur Jn17:3417:35Right Time278 km
11Davangere18:1818:20Right Time325 km
12Harihar18:3818:40Right Time338 km
13Ranibennur19:0319:05Right Time370 km
14Haveri19:3319:35Right Time402 km
15Yalvigi19:5920:00Right Time431 km
16Hubballi Jn21:1421:19Right Time477 km
17Dharwad21:50Right Time497 km