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12728 GODAVARI EXP Running status

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Hyderabad Decan-HYB
EExpected17:15 22 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Hyderabad Decan17:15Right TimeYet to start
2Secunderabad Jn17:3517:40Right Time9 km
3Kazipet Jn19:3019:32Right Time149 km
4Warangal19:4519:47Right Time168 km
5Mahbubabad20:3220:33Right Time229 km
6Khammam21:1021:12Right Time276 km
7Vijayawada Jn23:0523:20Right Time370 km
8Eluru00:0600:07Right Time429 km
9Tadepalligudem00:4100:42Right Time477 km
10Nidadavolu Jn00:5700:58Right Time497 km
11Rajamundry01:3901:41Right Time519 km
12Anaparti02:0102:02Right Time543 km
13Samalkot Jn02:2302:24Right Time569 km
14Pithapuram02:3602:37Right Time581 km
15Annavaram02:5302:55Right Time606 km
16Tuni03:1003:11Right Time623 km
17Narsipatnam Road03:3003:31Right Time645 km
18Ellamanchiii03:4703:48Right Time663 km
19Anakapalle04:0504:06Right Time686 km
20Duvvada05:1005:11Right Time702 km
21Visakhapatnam05:50Right Time720 km