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12734 NARAYANADRI EXP Running status

Departure17:15 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated19 Jan 2019 2:15
1Lingampalli17:15Right TimeYet to start
2Begampet17:3617:37Right Time18 km
3Secunderabad Jn18:0018:05Right Time23 km
4Bibinagar Jn18:3318:34Right Time56 km
5Ramannapeta19:1119:12Right Time98 km
6Chityala19:2219:23Right Time107 km
7Nalgonda19:4819:49Right Time133 km
8Mirylaguda20:1520:16Right Time171 km
9Vishnupuram20:3120:32Right Time192 km
10Nadikude Jn20:5620:58Right Time209 km
11Piduguralla21:1821:19Right Time231 km
12Sattenapalle21:4721:48Right Time262 km
13Guntur Jn22:5523:10Right Time305 km
14Tenali Jn00:0100:02Right Time330 km
15Bapatla00:3400:35Right Time373 km
16Chirala00:4700:48Right Time388 km
17Ongole01:3201:33Right Time437 km
18Singarayakonda01:5501:56Right Time465 km
19Kavali02:2102:22Right Time503 km
20Nellore02:5702:58Right Time553 km
21Gudur Jn04:1304:15Right Time592 km
22Venkatagiri04:4204:43Right Time627 km
23Sri Kalahasti05:0005:02Right Time652 km
24Renigunta Jn05:2705:32Right Time675 km
25Tirupati06:05Right Time685 km