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12780 GOA EXPRESS Running status

Departure15:00 Right Time
Platform 7
Yet to start
Updated17 Jan 2019 2:15
1Hazrat Nizamuddin15:00Right TimeYet to start
2Mathura Jn16:4316:45Right Time133 km
3Agra Cantt17:3017:35Right Time187 km
4Gwalior Jn19:3519:40Right Time306 km
5Jhansi Jn21:1021:20Right Time403 km
6Bhopal Jn01:1001:20Right Time692 km
7Itarsi Jn02:5002:55Right Time784 km
8Khandwa05:3005:35Right Time967 km
9Bhusaval Jn07:2507:30Right Time1091 km
10Jalgaon Jn07:5307:55Right Time1115 km
11Manmad Jn09:4509:50Right Time1275 km
12Kopargaon10:5811:00Right Time1316 km
13Belapur11:3811:40Right Time1361 km
14Ahmadnagar12:4712:50Right Time1427 km
15Daund Jn14:4515:00Right Time1511 km
16Pune Jn16:2016:35Right Time1586 km
17Satara19:1519:20Right Time1731 km
18Karad20:1720:20Right Time1790 km
19Sangli21:2721:30Right Time1858 km
20Miraj Jn22:2022:25Right Time1865 km
21Raybag23:1323:15Right Time1916 km
22Ghatprabha23:4323:45Right Time1945 km
23Belagavi00:4500:50Right Time2003 km
24Londa Jn02:0502:15Right Time2054 km
25Castle Rock03:0503:10Right Time2078 km
26Kulem04:3504:40Right Time2104 km
27Sanvordem Chuch05:0305:05Right Time2123 km
28Madgaon05:4005:45Right Time2138 km
29Vasco Da Gama06:30Right Time2166 km