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12801 PURUSHOTTAM EXP Running status

Departure21:45 Right Time
Yet to start
Train is diverted between Chandrapura and Chunar Jn
Updated14 Jan 2019 15:50
1Puri21:45Right TimeYet to start
2Khurda Road Jn22:2322:35Right Time44 km
3Bhubaneswar22:5723:06Right Time63 km
4Cuttack23:3623:46Right Time90 km
5Jajpur Keonjhar Road00:4000:47Right Time162 km
6Bhadrakh01:2101:30Right Time206 km
7Balasore02:1302:19Right Time268 km
8Hijli03:3603:52Right Time380 km
9Ghatsila05:0905:13Right Time478 km
10Tatanagar Jn06:2106:35Right Time517 km
11Chandil Jn07:2307:42Right Time553 km
12Purulia Jn08:1808:25Right Time608 km
13Bokaro Stl City09:3209:40Right Time668 km
14Chandrapura10:2610:28Right Time685 km
15Barka Kana11:5411:55Right Time0 km
16Chopan16:5917:00Right Time0 km
17Gomoh Jn10:5010:57Right Time702 km
18Parasnath11:1611:21Right Time720 km
19Hazaribagh Road11:4011:42Right Time747 km
20Koderma12:2012:22Right Time796 km
21Paharpur13:0013:02Right Time839 km
22Gaya Jn13:5714:02Right Time872 km
23Anugrah Narayan Road14:4614:48Right Time940 km
24Dehri On Son15:0215:04Right Time957 km
25Sasaram15:1815:20Right Time975 km
26Bhabua Road15:5115:53Right Time1022 km
27Dd Upadhyaya Jn17:0517:20Right Time1076 km
28Chunar Jn18:2918:31Late 29m1108 km
29Mirzapur18:5318:55Late 29m1139 km
30Allahabad Jn19:5020:00Late 10m1228 km
31Fatehpur21:0721:09Late 9m1345 km
32Kanpur Central22:0222:10Right Time1423 km
33Ghaziabad03:3003:32Right Time1828 km
34New Delhi04:03Right Time1853 km