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12802 PURSHOTTAM EXP Running status

Departure22:25 Right Time
Yet to start
Train is diverted between Chunar Jn and Chandrapura
Updated14 Jan 2019 16:21
1New Delhi22:25Right TimeYet to start
2Kanpur Central03:2704:00Right Time443 km
3Fatehpur05:0405:12Right Time520 km
4Allahabad Jn07:0207:15Right Time637 km
5Vindhyachal08:0508:06Right Time715 km
6Mirzapur08:1408:17Right Time722 km
7Chunar Jn08:4208:47Right Time753 km
8Chopan10:0310:04Right Time0 km
9Dd Upadhyaya Jn10:2010:22Right Time786 km
10Bhabua Road11:1111:12Right Time839 km
11Sasaram11:4411:45Right Time887 km
12Dehri On Son12:0212:04Right Time905 km
13Anugrah Narayan Road12:1712:18Right Time921 km
14Gaya Jn13:1013:15Right Time990 km
15Paharpur13:5914:01Right Time1022 km
16Koderma14:3614:38Right Time1066 km
17Hazaribagh Road15:2615:28Right Time1114 km
18Parasnath15:5115:54Right Time1141 km
19Gomoh Jn16:1016:20Right Time1159 km
20Chandrapura16:5716:59Late 17m1176 km
21Bokaro Stl City17:2117:26Late 6m1191 km
22Purulia Jn18:2118:25Right Time1252 km
23Chandil Jn19:0619:14Right Time1306 km
24Tatanagar Jn19:5620:16Right Time1342 km
25Ghatsila20:4920:52Right Time1379 km
26Hijli22:3222:45Right Time1477 km
27Balasore00:0200:09Right Time1589 km
28Bhadrakh01:1801:20Right Time1651 km
29Jajpur Keonjhar Road01:5101:58Right Time1694 km
30Cuttack02:5203:02Right Time1765 km
31Bhubaneswar03:3903:48Right Time1792 km
32Khurda Road Jn04:0804:23Right Time1811 km
33Puri05:07Right Time1854 km