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12807 SAMTA EXPRESS Running status

Arrival20:05 Right Time
Departure20:10 Right Time
Platform 3
Yet to start
Updated15 Feb 2019 2:15
1Visakhapatnam06:25Right TimeYet to start
2Simhachalam06:4106:43Right Time8 km
3Vizianagram Jn07:2507:30Right Time61 km
4Bobbili Jn08:1808:20Right Time114 km
5Parvatipuram08:4208:44Right Time138 km
6Parvatipuram Town08:4808:50Right Time140 km
7Rayagada09:3509:40Right Time185 km
8Singapuram Road10:0010:02Right Time194 km
9Therubali10:1210:14Right Time203 km
10Muniguda10:5010:52Right Time239 km
11Ambodala11:1311:15Right Time264 km
12Norla Road11:3511:37Right Time289 km
13Rupra Road11:4511:47Right Time295 km
14Kesinga12:0512:07Right Time311 km
15Titlagarh12:3012:40Right Time324 km
16Kantabanji13:1513:25Right Time358 km
17Harishanker Road13:4313:45Right Time381 km
18Khariar Road14:1514:17Right Time422 km
19Bagbahra14:3514:37Right Time443 km
20Mahasamund15:0515:07Right Time474 km
21Raipur Jn16:4017:00Right Time527 km
22Durg17:5518:00Right Time564 km
23Raj Nandgaon18:2118:26Right Time594 km
24Dongargarh18:4818:50Right Time625 km
25Gondia Jn20:0520:10Right Time698 km
26Tumsar Road20:4520:46Right Time748 km
27Bhandara Road21:0421:06Right Time766 km
28Nagpur22:2522:50Right Time828 km
29Multai00:4500:47Right Time972 km
30Betul01:0701:10Right Time1018 km
31Itarsi Jn03:5004:00Right Time1125 km
32Bhopal Jn05:5506:00Right Time1217 km
33Bina Jn08:0508:10Right Time1355 km
34Lalitpur08:5308:55Right Time1418 km
35Jhansi Jn10:1810:28Right Time1506 km
36Gwalior Jn11:3711:42Right Time1603 km
37Agra Cantt13:3913:44Right Time1722 km
38Raja Ki Mandi13:5213:54Right Time1726 km
39Mathura Jn14:3214:35Right Time1776 km
40Faridabad16:1016:12Right Time1888 km
41Hazrat Nizamuddin16:45Right Time1909 km