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12818 JHARKHAND EXPRE Running status

Departure19:40 Right Time
Platform 4
Yet to start
Updated19 Jan 2019 2:15
1Anand Vihar Terminal19:40Right TimeYet to start
2Kanpur Central01:5001:55Right Time418 km
3Allahabad Jn04:2004:30Right Time612 km
4Dd Upadhyaya Jn06:4506:47Right Time765 km
5Bhabua Road07:3607:38Right Time818 km
6Sasaram08:0908:11Right Time866 km
7Dehri On Son08:2608:28Right Time884 km
8Anugrah Narayan Road08:4008:42Right Time900 km
9Rafiganj09:0309:05Right Time931 km
10Guraru09:1709:19Right Time947 km
11Gaya Jn09:4509:50Right Time969 km
12Koderma11:1711:22Right Time1045 km
13Gomoh Jn12:4012:50Right Time1138 km
14Chandrapura13:1613:18Right Time1155 km
15Bokaro Stl City13:5013:55Right Time1173 km
16Jhalida14:3014:31Right Time1213 km
17Muri14:5514:57Right Time1225 km
18Ranchi16:1516:25Right Time1290 km
19Hatia16:55Right Time1297 km