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12834 HWH ADI EXPRESS Running status

Departure23:55 Right Time
Platform 23
Yet to start
Updated16 Jul 2018 2:15
1Howrah Jn23:55Right TimeYet to start
2Mecheda00:4900:50Right Time58 km
3Panskura01:0901:10Right Time73 km
4Kharagpur Jn02:0002:05Right Time118 km
5Tatanagar Jn03:5003:55Right Time252 km
6Chakradharpur04:4904:56Right Time315 km
7Rourkela06:1706:32Right Time414 km
8Rajgangpur07:0007:01Right Time444 km
9Bamra07:3007:31Right Time479 km
10Jharsuguda Jn08:0808:10Right Time515 km
11Brajarajnagar08:1808:20Right Time528 km
12Belpahar08:2808:30Right Time537 km
13Raigarh09:0609:11Right Time589 km
14Kharsia09:3309:35Right Time622 km
15Baradwar09:5509:57Right Time653 km
16Champa10:1410:19Right Time668 km
17Janjgir Naila10:2810:30Right Time679 km
18Akaltara10:4210:44Right Time694 km
19Bilaspur Jn11:4011:55Right Time721 km
20Bhatapara12:3112:33Right Time767 km
21Tilda12:5112:53Right Time793 km
22Raipur Jn13:3513:45Right Time831 km
23Bhilai Power House14:0914:11Right Time859 km
24Durg14:3714:42Right Time868 km
25Raj Nandgaon15:0315:05Right Time897 km
26Dongargarh15:2915:31Right Time929 km
27Amgaon16:1116:13Right Time979 km
28Gondia Jn16:4016:45Right Time1002 km
29Tirora17:0617:08Right Time1031 km
30Tumsar Road17:2517:27Right Time1052 km
31Bhandara Road17:4217:44Right Time1070 km
32Kamptee18:1518:17Right Time1118 km
33Nagpur19:0019:10Right Time1132 km
34Ajni19:1919:20Right Time1135 km
35Wardha Jn20:2420:27Right Time1210 km
36Pulgaon Jn20:4920:50Right Time1240 km
37Dhamangaon21:0821:09Right Time1260 km
38Chandur21:2421:25Right Time1277 km
39Badnera Jn22:1022:15Right Time1306 km
40Murtajapur22:4322:45Right Time1347 km
41Akola Jn23:1523:20Right Time1385 km
42Shegaon23:4423:45Right Time1422 km
43Jalamb Jn23:5723:58Right Time1434 km
44Nandura00:0900:10Right Time1446 km
45Malkapur00:3400:35Right Time1474 km
46Bhusaval Jn01:3501:45Right Time1524 km
47Jalgaon Jn02:2202:25Right Time1548 km
48Dharangaon03:1003:12Right Time1579 km
49Amalner03:3703:40Right Time1604 km
50Sindkheda04:1604:17Right Time1645 km
51Dondaicha04:3804:41Right Time1665 km
52Nandurbar05:1405:22Right Time1699 km
53Navapur06:2306:28Right Time1757 km
54Vyara07:1007:12Right Time1798 km
55Madhi07:2607:29Right Time1814 km
56Bardoli07:4607:48Right Time1829 km
57Udhna Jn08:4308:45Right Time1855 km
58Surat09:0209:12Right Time1859 km
59Bharuch Jn09:5810:00Right Time1918 km
60Vadodara Jn11:0011:05Right Time1988 km
61Anand Jn11:4611:48Right Time2024 km
62Nadiad Jn12:1312:15Right Time2042 km
63Maninagar13:0213:04Right Time2085 km
64Ahmedabad Jn13:25Right Time2088 km