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12835 HTE YPR EXPRESS Running status

Departure18:25 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated21 Oct 2018 2:15
1Hatia18:25Right TimeYet to start
2Rourkela21:0021:05Right Time164 km
3Jharsuguda Jn22:3522:40Right Time265 km
4Sambalpur23:3023:40Right Time314 km
5Bargarh Road00:1500:17Right Time356 km
6Balangir01:1501:20Right Time432 km
7Titlagarh02:4502:55Right Time495 km
8Kesinga03:1003:12Right Time508 km
9Rayagada06:0506:10Right Time635 km
10Parvatipuram Town06:4806:50Right Time680 km
11Vizianagram Jn08:1008:15Right Time759 km
12Visakhapatnam09:3509:55Right Time820 km
13Samalkot Jn12:0012:01Right Time970 km
14Rajamundry12:5512:57Right Time1021 km
15Vijayawada Jn15:3015:45Right Time1170 km
16Nellore18:5318:55Right Time1424 km
17Gudur Jn19:5820:00Right Time1463 km
18Renigunta Jn21:3821:40Right Time1546 km
19Tirupati22:0322:05Right Time1556 km
20Chittoor23:3923:40Right Time1627 km
21Katpadi Jn00:2500:30Right Time1660 km
22Jolarpettai01:4801:50Right Time1744 km
23Krishnarajapurm03:4303:45Right Time1878 km
24Yasvantpur Jn05:00Right Time1899 km