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12840 HOWRAH MAIL Running status

Departure23:45 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated13 Dec 2018 10:15
1Chennai Central23:45Right TimeYet to start
2Gudur Jn01:5001:52Right Time137 km
3Nellore02:1702:18Right Time176 km
4Ongole03:4403:45Right Time292 km
5Chirala04:2904:31Right Time341 km
6Bapatla04:4204:44Right Time356 km
7Tenali Jn05:1405:16Right Time399 km
8Vijayawada Jn06:2506:35Right Time430 km
9Eluru07:1407:15Right Time489 km
10Tadepalligudem07:4907:50Right Time537 km
11Nidadavolu Jn08:1208:13Right Time557 km
12Rajamundry09:0509:10Right Time579 km
13Samalkot Jn09:5209:53Right Time630 km
14Annavaram10:1910:20Right Time666 km
15Tuni10:3510:36Right Time683 km
16Anakapalle11:2111:22Right Time747 km
17Visakhapatnam13:0013:20Right Time780 km
18Vizianagram Jn14:1514:20Right Time841 km
19Chipurupalli14:4714:49Right Time872 km
20Srikakulam Road15:2115:23Right Time910 km
21Naupada Jn15:5816:00Right Time958 km
22Palasa16:3016:32Right Time983 km
23Sompeta16:5917:01Right Time1015 km
24Ichchapuram17:1517:17Right Time1033 km
25Brahmapur17:4517:50Right Time1057 km
26Chatrapur18:0318:05Right Time1079 km
27Balugaon18:5518:57Right Time1133 km
28Khurda Road Jn20:0520:25Right Time1204 km
29Bhubaneswar20:5320:58Right Time1223 km
30Cuttack21:3321:38Right Time1250 km
31Jajpur Keonjhar Road22:3522:37Right Time1318 km
32Bhadrakh23:1723:19Right Time1361 km
33Balasore00:0500:10Right Time1423 km
34Kharagpur Jn01:4301:48Right Time1541 km
35Santragachi Jn03:1203:14Right Time1651 km
36Howrah Jn04:00Right Time1658 km