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12876 NEELACHAL EXP Running status

Departure06:30 Right Time
Platform 5
Departed from Utraitia Jn at 17:10, 519 kms. ahead of Anand Vihar Terminal
Running Late 2 hr, 10 mins
Train is diverted between Lucknow and Varanasi Jn
Updated17 Jul 2018 17:11
1Anand Vihar Terminal06:30Right TimeDeparted
2Aligarh Jn08:1708:19Late 3mDeparted
3Mandrak08:3408:36Late 5mDeparted
4Hathras Jn08:5108:53Late 6mDeparted
5Firozabad09:4309:47Right TimeDeparted
6Etawah10:5411:10Late 32mDeparted
7Kanpur Central13:2813:30Late 50mDeparted
8Unnao Jn14:2014:22Late 1h 18mDeparted
9Lucknow16:3016:40Late 2h 10mDeparted
10Utraitia Jn17:1017:10No StoppageDeparted 4 min ago updated
11Rae Bareli Jn15:4815:53Right Time66 km away
12Gauriganj16:2816:30Right Time113 km away
13Amethi16:4416:46Right Time126 km away
14Partapgarh Jn17:2517:30Right Time161 km away
15Bhadohi18:4818:50Right Time245 km away
16Varanasi Jn22:1722:22Late 2h 17m289 km away
17Kashi22:3422:36Late 2h 12m295 km away
18DDU23:0123:21Late 2h 1m308 km away
19Bhabua Road23:5800:00Late 2h 3m362 km away
20Sasaram00:3100:33Late 2h 3m409 km away
21Dehri On Son00:4600:48Late 2h 1m427 km away
22Anugrah Narayan Road01:0201:04Late 2h 3m444 km away
23Rafiganj01:2501:43Late 2h 3m475 km away
24Gaya Jn02:1102:16Late 1h 56m512 km away
25Koderma03:1703:19Late 1h 34m588 km away
26Parasnath04:0904:11Late 1h 34m664 km away
27Gomoh Jn04:2804:38Late 1h 26m682 km away
28Chandrapura04:5805:00Late 1h 14m699 km away
29Bokaro Stl City05:2305:28Late 53m714 km away
30Muri06:0606:08Late 38m766 km away
31Tatanagar Jn07:2307:42Right Time870 km away
32Ghatsila08:1508:19Right Time906 km away
33Kharagpur Jn09:2910:00Right Time1005 km away
34Jaleswar10:5611:00Right Time1076 km away
35Balasore11:4011:52Right Time1123 km away
36Bhadrakh12:5312:55Right Time1185 km away
37Jajpur Keonjhar Road13:2413:26Right Time1228 km away
38Cuttack14:1614:30Right Time1297 km away
39Bhubaneswar15:0315:10Right Time1323 km away
40Khurda Road Jn15:3015:45Right Time1342 km away
41Sakhi Gopal16:0816:10Right Time1369 km away
42Puri16:27Right Time1385 km away