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12878 NDLS RNC G RATH Running status

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New Delhi-NDLS
EExpected18:10 24 Apr 2018
PDelayLate 2h 10m
Last Update24 Apr 2018 10:42
Yet to start
1New Delhi16:00
Late 2h 10mYet to start
2Kanpur Central22:1322:18Late 1h 18m447 km
3Allahabad Jn00:0600:08Late 1h 3m641 km
4Mughal Sarai Jn01:4501:55Late 30m790 km
5Bhabua Road02:2602:27Late 30m843 km
6Sasaram02:5502:56Late 30m891 km
7Dehri On Son03:1103:13Late 30m909 km
8Nabinagar Road03:3803:39Late 30m945 km
9Japla03:5203:53Late 30m960 km
10Garwa Road Jn04:3804:43Right Time1007 km
11Daltonganj05:1105:13Right Time1041 km
12Latehar05:5605:58Right Time1109 km
13Tori06:2306:25Right Time1141 km
14Barka Kana08:3008:35Right Time1224 km
15Ranchi11:20Right Time1347 km