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12903 GOLDENTEMPLE ML Running status

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Mumbai Central-MMCT
EExpected21:25 24 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Mumbai Central21:25Right TimeYet to start
2Borivali21:5722:01Right Time29 km
3Surat01:0001:05Right Time262 km
4Vadodara Jn02:4602:56Right Time391 km
5Godhra Jn04:1004:12Right Time463 km
6Dahod05:0505:07Right Time538 km
7Meghnagar05:2905:31Right Time571 km
8Ratlam Jn07:0507:15Right Time653 km
9Nagda Jn08:1008:12Right Time697 km
10Shamgarh09:1209:14Right Time789 km
11Bhawani Mandi09:3909:40Right Time822 km
12Kota Jn11:0011:05Right Time922 km
13Sawai Madhopur12:2512:30Right Time1030 km
14Gangapur City13:2013:25Right Time1094 km
15Shri Mahabirji13:4813:50Right Time1128 km
16Hindaun City14:0014:02Right Time1138 km
17Bayana Jn14:2814:30Right Time1171 km
18Bharatpur Jn15:0015:02Right Time1213 km
19Mathura Jn16:1516:20Right Time1246 km
20Faridabad18:0418:06Right Time1359 km
21Hazrat Nizamuddin18:4519:00Right Time1380 km
22Ghaziabad19:5119:53Right Time1407 km
23Meerut City Jn21:0521:10Right Time1455 km
24Meerut Cant21:1521:17Right Time1459 km
25Muzaffarnagar21:5121:53Right Time1510 km
26Saharanpur23:1523:25Right Time1568 km
27Yamunanagar Jagadhri23:5223:54Right Time1598 km
28Ambala Cant Jn00:4500:55Right Time1649 km
29Ludhiana Jn02:3702:47Right Time1763 km
30Phagwara Jn03:1803:20Right Time1799 km
31Jalandhar Cant03:3603:38Right Time1815 km
32Jalandhar City03:5203:57Right Time1820 km
33Beas04:2904:31Right Time1856 km
34Amritsar Jn05:30Right Time1899 km