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12904 GOLDN TEMPLE ML Running status

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Amritsar Jn-ASR
EExpected21:25 26 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Amritsar Jn21:25Right TimeYet to start
2Beas21:5321:55Right Time42 km
3Jalandhar City22:3222:38Right Time78 km
4Jalandhar Cant22:4622:48Right Time83 km
5Phagwara Jn23:0323:05Right Time99 km
6Ludhiana Jn23:4923:59Right Time135 km
7Ambala Cant Jn01:5002:00Right Time249 km
8Yamunanagar Jagadhri02:3802:40Right Time300 km
9Saharanpur03:3003:40Right Time330 km
10Muzaffarnagar04:2304:25Right Time388 km
11Meerut Cant04:5905:01Right Time439 km
12Meerut City Jn05:1005:15Right Time443 km
13Ghaziabad06:1806:20Right Time491 km
14Hazrat Nizamuddin07:0507:20Right Time518 km
15Faridabad07:3807:40Right Time539 km
16Mathura Jn09:5510:00Right Time652 km
17Bharatpur Jn10:2910:30Right Time685 km
18Bayana Jn10:5911:00Right Time727 km
19Hindaun City11:2411:25Right Time760 km
20Shri Mahabirji11:3511:36Right Time770 km
21Gangapur City12:0812:10Right Time804 km
22Sawai Madhopur12:5513:00Right Time868 km
23Kota Jn14:2014:25Right Time976 km
24Bhawani Mandi15:4515:47Right Time1076 km
25Shamgarh16:1116:13Right Time1109 km
26Nagda Jn17:5517:57Right Time1201 km
27Ratlam Jn18:5519:05Right Time1245 km
28Meghnagar20:0720:09Right Time1327 km
29Dahod20:3320:35Right Time1360 km
30Godhra Jn21:5021:52Right Time1435 km
31Vadodara Jn22:5323:03Right Time1508 km
32Surat00:3900:44Right Time1637 km
33Borivali04:0004:04Right Time1870 km
34Dadar Wr04:4104:44Right Time1894 km
35Mumbai Central05:05Right Time1900 km