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12920 MALWA EXPRESS Running status

Arrival17:40 Right Time
Departure17:42 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated13 Dec 2018 10:15
1Shmata Vd Katra06:55Right TimeYet to start
2Chak Rakhwal07:1107:13Right Time16 km
3Udhampur07:2607:28Right Time25 km
4Ramnagar J K07:4007:42Right Time34 km
5Manwal07:5407:56Right Time46 km
6Sangar08:0808:10Right Time56 km
7Bajalta08:2208:24Right Time67 km
8Jammu Tawi08:5009:00Right Time78 km
9Kathua10:0010:02Right Time154 km
10Pathankot Cantt10:4010:45Right Time177 km
11Mukerian11:1811:20Right Time217 km
12Dasua11:3511:37Right Time232 km
13Jalandhar Cant12:3812:43Right Time290 km
14Ludhiana Jn13:3513:45Right Time342 km
15Khanna14:2614:27Right Time385 km
16Sirhind Jn14:4314:45Right Time403 km
17Ambala Cant Jn15:3515:40Right Time456 km
18Kurukshetra Jn16:1516:17Right Time497 km
19Karnal16:3916:41Right Time530 km
20Panipat Jn17:0817:10Right Time565 km
21Sonipat17:4017:42Right Time610 km
22Subzi Mandi18:2518:27Right Time650 km
23New Delhi18:5519:15Right Time654 km
24Faridabad19:4319:45Right Time682 km
25Ballabgarh19:5419:56Right Time690 km
26Palwal20:3020:32Right Time711 km
27Kosi Kalan21:0221:04Right Time754 km
28Mathura Jn21:3821:40Right Time795 km
29Agra Cantt22:2522:30Right Time849 km
30Dhaulpur23:2623:28Right Time901 km
31Morena23:5123:53Right Time929 km
32Gwalior Jn00:3000:35Right Time967 km
33Dabra01:2101:23Right Time1009 km
34Datia01:4801:50Right Time1039 km
35Jhansi Jn02:3502:45Right Time1064 km
36Babina03:0803:10Right Time1088 km
37Lalitpur03:5804:00Right Time1153 km
38Bina Jn05:1005:15Right Time1215 km
39Ganj Basoda05:4905:50Right Time1261 km
40Vidisha06:1806:20Right Time1300 km
41Bhopal Jn07:2507:40Right Time1354 km
42S Hirdaramnagar08:0608:08Right Time1364 km
43Sehore08:2808:29Right Time1392 km
44Kalapipal08:5508:56Right Time1421 km
45Shujalpur09:0909:10Right Time1434 km
46Akodia09:2209:23Right Time1447 km
47Berchha09:5009:51Right Time1477 km
48Maksi10:0710:08Right Time1496 km
49Ujjain Jn11:0011:20Right Time1537 km
50Dewas11:5611:58Right Time1578 km
51Indore Jn Bg12:50Right Time1619 km