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12955 MMCT JP SF EXP Running status

Departure18:50 Right Time
Platform 2
Yet to start
Updated9 Dec 2018 10:15
1Mumbai Central18:50Right TimeYet to start
2Borivali19:2819:30Right Time30 km
3Surat22:4022:45Right Time262 km
4Ankleshwar Jn23:1923:21Right Time312 km
5Vadodara Jn00:3400:44Right Time391 km
6Dahod02:4002:42Right Time538 km
7Meghnagar03:0503:07Right Time571 km
8Ratlam Jn04:3504:40Right Time653 km
9Nagda Jn05:3605:38Right Time698 km
10Vikramgarh Alot06:0506:07Right Time738 km
11Chaumahla06:2606:27Right Time760 km
12Suwasra06:4106:42Right Time776 km
13Shamgarh06:5306:55Right Time789 km
14Bhawani Mandi07:1807:20Right Time823 km
15Ramganj Mandi07:4007:42Right Time851 km
16Kota Jn08:5008:55Right Time923 km
17Sawai Madhopur10:3010:40Right Time1031 km
18Durgapura12:1912:20Right Time1155 km
19Jaipur12:45Right Time1162 km