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13005 AMRITSAR MAIL Running status

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Howrah Jn-HWH
EExpected19:10 21 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Howrah Jn19:10Right TimeYet to start
2Barddhaman20:1620:21Right Time94 km
3Durgapur21:1121:14Right Time157 km
4Raniganj21:3021:31Right Time182 km
5Asansol Jn21:4921:54Right Time200 km
6Chittaranjan22:1822:19Right Time225 km
7Madhupur Jn22:5823:02Right Time282 km
8Jasidih Jn23:2723:31Right Time311 km
9Jhajha00:4500:50Right Time355 km
10Kiul Jn01:2401:29Right Time409 km
11Mokameh Jn01:5802:02Right Time443 km
12Bakhtiyarpur Jn02:3002:32Right Time486 km
13Patna Saheb02:5903:01Right Time522 km
14Patna Jn03:4003:50Right Time532 km
15Danapur04:0204:04Right Time541 km
16Ara04:3004:35Right Time581 km
17Dumraon05:0805:09Right Time633 km
18Buxar05:2205:26Right Time649 km
19Gahmar05:4005:41Right Time670 km
20Dildarnagar Jn06:0006:02Right Time686 km
21Zamania06:1606:18Right Time699 km
22Mughal Sarai Jn08:0708:27Right Time742 km
23Kashi08:5508:56Right Time756 km
24Varanasi Jn09:1209:27Right Time761 km
25Bhadohi10:0510:07Right Time806 km
26Janghai Jn10:3710:39Right Time836 km
27Badshahpur10:5310:54Right Time853 km
28Partapgarh Jn11:2511:30Right Time889 km
29Amethi11:5912:00Right Time924 km
30Gauriganj12:1512:16Right Time938 km
31Jais12:3412:36Right Time956 km
32Rae Bareli Jn13:1013:15Right Time984 km
33Bachhrawn13:4413:46Right Time1015 km
34Lucknow15:1015:45Right Time1062 km
35Balamau Jn16:5116:53Right Time1131 km
36Hardoi17:1917:22Right Time1164 km
37Roza Jn18:1518:17Right Time1219 km
38Shahjehanpur18:3018:35Right Time1227 km
39Bareilly19:3219:37Right Time1297 km
40Rampur20:3020:35Right Time1361 km
41Moradabad21:1521:23Right Time1388 km
42Dhampur22:2022:22Right Time1447 km
43Nagina22:3922:40Right Time1464 km
44Najibabad Jn23:2323:25Right Time1486 km
45Laksar Jn00:0200:05Right Time1528 km
46Roorkee00:2600:28Right Time1546 km
47Saharanpur01:1501:25Right Time1581 km
48Yamunanagar Jagadhri01:5301:55Right Time1611 km
49Ambala Cant Jn02:5503:15Right Time1662 km
50Rajpura Jn03:4503:47Right Time1690 km
51Ludhiana Jn05:4005:50Right Time1775 km
52Phillaur Jn06:0306:05Right Time1789 km
53Phagwara Jn06:2906:31Right Time1811 km
54Jalandhar Cant06:4706:49Right Time1828 km
55Jalandhar City07:0007:07Right Time1832 km
56Beas07:4407:46Right Time1868 km
57Amritsar Jn08:55Right Time1911 km