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13006 ASR HWH MAIL Running status

Departure18:40 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated24 Sep 2018 2:15
1Amritsar Jn18:40Right TimeYet to start
2Beas19:0819:10Right Time42 km
3Jalandhar City19:5019:57Right Time79 km
4Jalandhar Cant20:0520:07Right Time83 km
5Phagwara Jn20:2020:22Right Time100 km
6Ludhiana Jn21:0521:15Right Time135 km
7Rajpura Jn22:3322:35Right Time221 km
8Ambala Cant Jn23:2023:30Right Time249 km
9Yamunanagar Jagadhri00:1300:15Right Time300 km
10Saharanpur01:0501:15Right Time330 km
11Roorkee01:4501:47Right Time365 km
12Laksar Jn02:0702:10Right Time383 km
13Najibabad Jn02:4702:49Right Time425 km
14Nagina03:0603:08Right Time447 km
15Dhampur03:2403:26Right Time463 km
16Moradabad04:4704:55Right Time523 km
17Rampur05:2405:26Right Time550 km
18Bareilly06:2806:33Right Time614 km
19Shahjehanpur07:3907:41Right Time684 km
20Roza Jn07:4907:51Right Time692 km
21Hardoi08:3308:35Right Time747 km
22Balamau Jn09:0609:08Right Time780 km
23Lucknow10:3510:50Right Time849 km
24Bachhrawn11:3911:41Right Time896 km
25Rae Bareli Jn12:1112:16Right Time926 km
26Jais12:4012:41Right Time955 km
27Gauriganj12:5412:56Right Time973 km
28Amethi13:1013:12Right Time987 km
29Partapgarh Jn13:5013:55Right Time1022 km
30Badshahpur14:2214:24Right Time1058 km
31Janghai Jn14:4214:44Right Time1075 km
32Bhadohi15:1115:13Right Time1105 km
33Varanasi Jn16:4016:55Right Time1150 km
34Kashi17:1017:11Right Time1155 km
35DDU17:5318:13Right Time1169 km
36Zamania18:5018:52Right Time1212 km
37Dildarnagar Jn19:0519:07Right Time1225 km
38Gahmar19:1719:19Right Time1241 km
39Buxar19:3719:39Right Time1261 km
40Dumraon19:5119:53Right Time1278 km
41Ara20:3020:32Right Time1330 km
42Danapur21:0121:03Right Time1369 km
43Patna Jn21:3021:40Right Time1379 km
44Patna Saheb22:0122:03Right Time1389 km
45Bakhtiyarpur Jn22:2822:30Right Time1425 km
46Mokameh Jn22:5923:04Right Time1468 km
47Kiul Jn23:3823:40Right Time1502 km
48Jhajha01:2801:33Right Time1556 km
49Jasidih Jn02:0502:10Right Time1600 km
50Madhupur Jn02:3502:39Right Time1629 km
51Chittaranjan03:2303:25Right Time1686 km
52Asansol Jn03:5904:04Right Time1711 km
53Raniganj04:1904:21Right Time1729 km
54Durgapur04:4204:46Right Time1754 km
55Barddhaman05:4605:50Right Time1817 km
56Howrah Jn07:30Right Time1911 km