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13007 U ABHATOOFAN EXP Running status

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Howrah Jn-HWH
EExpected09:35 22 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Howrah Jn09:35Right TimeYet to start
2Bandel Jn10:3210:37Right Time39 km
3Barddhaman11:3511:40Right Time106 km
4Panagarh12:1512:16Right Time154 km
5Durgapur12:3312:35Right Time170 km
6Andal Jn12:4812:50Right Time187 km
7Raniganj12:5712:58Right Time194 km
8Asansol Jn13:3013:35Right Time213 km
9Sitarampur13:4813:50Right Time222 km
10Chittaranjan14:0714:08Right Time238 km
11Jamtara14:2114:22Right Time252 km
12Vidyasagar14:3914:40Right Time270 km
13Madhupur Jn15:0215:12Right Time294 km
14Jasidih Jn15:3715:42Right Time323 km
15Simultala16:0116:02Right Time348 km
16Jhajha16:4016:45Right Time367 km
17Gidhaur16:5416:55Right Time378 km
18Jamui17:0617:08Right Time393 km
19Mananpur17:1917:21Right Time407 km
20Bansipur17:2817:30Right Time413 km
21Kiul Jn17:4017:44Right Time421 km
22Luckeesarai Jn17:4917:51Right Time422 km
23Mankatha17:5818:00Right Time428 km
24Dumari H18:0918:10Right Time433 km
25Barhiya18:1418:16Right Time437 km
26Hathidah Jn18:2718:28Right Time448 km
27Mokameh Jn18:3618:40Right Time455 km
28Mor18:4618:47Right Time462 km
29Punarakh18:5418:56Right Time470 km
30Barh19:0519:07Right Time481 km
31Athmal Gola19:1519:17Right Time490 km
32Bakhtiyarpur Jn19:2619:28Right Time499 km
33Khusropur19:3819:40Right Time514 km
34Fatuha19:5319:55Right Time522 km
35Patna Saheb20:1920:21Right Time534 km
36Gulzarbagh20:2820:30Right Time537 km
37Patna Jn21:1521:25Right Time544 km
38Danapur21:3721:39Right Time554 km
39Neora21:4321:45Right Time560 km
40Sadisopur21:5321:54Right Time567 km
41Bihta21:5822:00Right Time571 km
42Koelwar22:0922:10Right Time580 km
43Kulharia22:1422:16Right Time583 km
44Ara22:2722:32Right Time593 km
45Bihiya22:4622:48Right Time615 km
46Banahi22:5522:57Right Time620 km
47Raghunathpur23:0523:07Right Time629 km
48Dumraon23:2023:22Right Time645 km
49Buxar23:3723:42Right Time662 km
50Dildarnagar Jn00:0600:08Right Time698 km
51Zamania00:1700:19Right Time712 km
52Mughal Sarai Jn02:2202:37Right Time755 km
53Chunar Jn03:1503:16Right Time787 km
54Mirzapur03:4303:48Right Time818 km
55Vindhyachal03:5603:58Right Time826 km
56Allahabad Jn05:0505:15Right Time904 km
57Bharwari05:4305:45Right Time941 km
58Sirathu06:0106:02Right Time960 km
59Khaga06:2206:24Right Time986 km
60Fatehpur07:0007:05Right Time1020 km
61Bindki Road07:2607:28Right Time1052 km
62Kanpur Central08:2508:40Right Time1098 km
63Govindpuri08:4908:50Right Time1101 km
64Panki08:5909:00Right Time1109 km
65Rura09:2409:25Right Time1142 km
66Jhinjhak09:4109:43Right Time1161 km
67Phaphund09:5810:01Right Time1181 km
68Achalda10:1610:18Right Time1197 km
69Bharthana10:3510:37Right Time1217 km
70Etawah10:5611:01Right Time1237 km
71Jaswantnagar11:1311:15Right Time1253 km
72Bhadan11:3211:33Right Time1272 km
73Shikohabad Jn11:5111:56Right Time1292 km
74Firozabad12:1612:17Right Time1312 km
75Tundla Jn13:0513:15Right Time1329 km
76Agra Fort14:1514:20Right Time1351 km
77Idgah14:3514:37Right Time1353 km
78Agra Cantt14:5515:20Right Time1355 km
79Raja Ki Mandi15:2815:30Right Time1359 km
80Mathura Jn16:3516:40Right Time1408 km
81Chata17:0617:08Right Time1439 km
82Kosi Kalan17:1917:21Right Time1449 km
83Palwal18:0318:05Right Time1492 km
84Asaoti18:1818:19Right Time1503 km
85Ballabgarh18:2818:29Right Time1513 km
86Faridabad New Town18:3618:37Right Time1517 km
87Faridabad18:4318:44Right Time1521 km
88Tugalakabad18:5518:57Right Time1531 km
89Okhla19:0719:09Right Time1538 km
90Hazrat Nizamuddin19:1819:20Right Time1542 km
91Tilak Bridge19:2619:27Right Time1546 km
92New Delhi19:4020:10Right Time1549 km
93Delhi Kishanganj20:2420:26Right Time1553 km
94Shakurbasti20:4020:42Right Time1560 km
95Nangloi20:5120:53Right Time1567 km
96Bahadurgarh21:0521:07Right Time1580 km
97Sampla21:2121:23Right Time1598 km
98Rohtak Jn21:5021:55Right Time1620 km
99Julana22:2022:22Right Time1652 km
100Jind Jn22:5523:00Right Time1677 km
101Uchana23:1523:17Right Time1696 km
102Narwana Jn23:3023:32Right Time1711 km
103Tohana23:5323:55Right Time1737 km
104Jakhal Jn00:1500:25Right Time1749 km
105Budhlada00:4300:45Right Time1778 km
106Mansa00:5801:00Right Time1794 km
107Maur01:1401:16Right Time1813 km
108Bhatinda Jn03:0003:50Right Time1847 km
109Giddarbaha04:2804:29Right Time1875 km
110Malout04:4504:47Right Time1891 km
111Abohar05:2605:28Right Time1921 km
112Shri Ganganagar07:00Right Time1974 km