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13008 U A TOOFAN EXP Running status

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Shri Ganganagar-SGNR
EExpected21:00 26 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Shri Ganganagar21:00Right TimeYet to start
2Abohar21:5421:56Right Time53 km
3Malout22:2022:22Right Time82 km
4Giddarbaha22:3822:40Right Time98 km
5Bhatinda Jn23:2000:05Right Time126 km
6Maur00:3100:33Right Time160 km
7Mansa00:4800:50Right Time179 km
8Budhlada01:0501:07Right Time195 km
9Jakhal Jn01:3201:37Right Time224 km
10Tohana01:4801:50Right Time236 km
11Narwana Jn02:1002:12Right Time262 km
12Uchana02:2602:28Right Time277 km
13Jind Jn02:4702:52Right Time296 km
14Julana03:1203:14Right Time322 km
15Rohtak Jn03:5003:55Right Time353 km
16Sampla04:1204:14Right Time376 km
17Bahadurgarh04:2804:30Right Time393 km
18Nangloi04:4204:44Right Time406 km
19Shakurbasti05:2805:30Right Time413 km
20Delhi Kishanganj05:4305:45Right Time420 km
21Sadar Bazar05:5405:55Right Time423 km
22New Delhi06:2007:00Right Time424 km
23Tugalakabad07:3807:40Right Time442 km
24Faridabad07:5107:53Right Time452 km
25Ballabgarh08:0408:06Right Time460 km
26Palwal08:5408:56Right Time481 km
27Kosi Kalan09:2609:28Right Time524 km
28Chata09:3909:41Right Time534 km
29Mathura Jn10:2010:25Right Time565 km
30Raja Ki Mandi11:2611:28Right Time615 km
31Agra Cantt11:5012:15Right Time619 km
32Idgah12:3012:32Right Time620 km
33Agra Fort12:5513:00Right Time622 km
34Tundla Jn14:0014:08Right Time645 km
35Firozabad14:2514:30Right Time661 km
36Shikohabad Jn14:4714:52Right Time681 km
37Bhadan15:0615:08Right Time701 km
38Jaswantnagar15:2415:26Right Time720 km
39Etawah15:4215:47Right Time737 km
40Bharthana16:0216:04Right Time756 km
41Achalda16:2716:29Right Time776 km
42Phaphund16:5116:53Right Time793 km
43Jhinjhak17:0917:11Right Time813 km
44Rura17:2717:29Right Time832 km
45Panki18:0318:05Right Time865 km
46Govindpuri18:1618:18Right Time872 km
47Kanpur Central18:4518:55Right Time876 km
48Bindki Road19:3519:49Right Time922 km
49Fatehpur20:0520:10Right Time953 km
50Khaga20:3020:32Right Time988 km
51Sirathu20:5320:55Right Time1013 km
52Bharwari21:1321:15Right Time1033 km
53Allahabad Jn22:1022:15Right Time1070 km
54Vindhyachal23:1223:14Right Time1148 km
55Mirzapur23:2523:30Right Time1155 km
56Chunar Jn23:5623:58Right Time1186 km
57Mughal Sarai Jn01:0301:13Right Time1219 km
58Zamania01:5601:58Right Time1262 km
59Dildarnagar Jn02:1102:13Right Time1275 km
60Buxar03:0503:10Right Time1311 km
61Dumraon03:2303:25Right Time1328 km
62Raghunathpur03:4303:45Right Time1344 km
63Banahi03:5503:57Right Time1353 km
64Bihiya04:0304:05Right Time1359 km
65Ara04:4904:54Right Time1380 km
66Kulharia05:0105:03Right Time1390 km
67Koelwar05:0805:10Right Time1394 km
68Bihta05:1905:21Right Time1402 km
69Sadisopur05:2705:28Right Time1407 km
70Neora05:3305:35Right Time1414 km
71Danapur06:0806:10Right Time1420 km
72Patna Jn06:3506:45Right Time1429 km
73Gulzarbagh06:5706:59Right Time1436 km
74Patna Saheb07:0507:07Right Time1439 km
75Fatuha07:1707:19Right Time1451 km
76Khusropur07:2707:29Right Time1460 km
77Bakhtiyarpur Jn07:4307:45Right Time1475 km
78Athmal Gola07:5107:53Right Time1483 km
79Barh08:0108:03Right Time1493 km
80Punarakh08:1208:14Right Time1503 km
81Mor08:2308:25Right Time1511 km
82Mokameh Jn08:3508:39Right Time1518 km
83Hathidah Jn08:4608:48Right Time1525 km
84Barhiya09:3109:33Right Time1536 km
85Dumari H09:3909:40Right Time1540 km
86Mankatha09:4709:49Right Time1545 km
87Luckeesarai Jn09:5609:58Right Time1551 km
88Kiul Jn10:0610:10Right Time1552 km
89Bansipur10:1710:19Right Time1560 km
90Mananpur10:2510:27Right Time1566 km
91Jamui10:3810:40Right Time1580 km
92Gidhaur10:5911:01Right Time1595 km
93Jhajha11:5211:57Right Time1606 km
94Simultala12:1212:14Right Time1625 km
95Jasidih Jn12:3512:40Right Time1650 km
96Madhupur Jn13:0513:09Right Time1679 km
97Vidyasagar13:2713:29Right Time1703 km
98Jamtara13:4613:48Right Time1721 km
99Chittaranjan14:0414:06Right Time1736 km
100Sitarampur14:2314:25Right Time1752 km
101Asansol Jn14:5515:10Right Time1761 km
102Raniganj15:2515:27Right Time1779 km
103Andal Jn15:3915:41Right Time1786 km
104Durgapur15:5515:57Right Time1804 km
105Panagarh16:0716:09Right Time1819 km
106Barddhaman17:0117:06Right Time1867 km
107Bandel Jn18:2518:30Right Time1934 km
108Howrah Jn19:30Right Time1974 km