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13009 DOON EXPRESS Running status

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Howrah Jn-HWH
EExpected20:25 20 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update20 May 2018 10:23
Yet to start
1Howrah Jn20:25Right TimeYet to start
2Shrirampur20:4820:55Right Time19 km
3Chandan Nagar21:0821:09Right Time32 km
4Bandel Jn21:1821:23Right Time39 km
5Barddhaman22:3522:40Right Time106 km
6Panagarh23:1123:12Right Time154 km
7Durgapur23:2723:29Right Time170 km
8Raniganj23:4723:48Right Time194 km
9Asansol Jn00:0600:11Right Time213 km
10Barakar00:3100:33Right Time230 km
11Dhanbad Jn01:2501:30Right Time271 km
12Gomoh Jn01:5602:06Right Time301 km
13Parasnath02:2202:27Right Time319 km
14Hazaribagh Road02:4602:48Right Time346 km
15Parsabad03:0503:09Right Time368 km
16Koderma03:2603:28Right Time394 km
17Paharpur04:0604:08Right Time438 km
18Tankuppa04:1904:21Right Time450 km
19Gaya Jn04:5505:00Right Time470 km
20Guraru05:1805:20Right Time492 km
21Rafiganj05:3205:34Right Time508 km
22Jakhim05:4405:46Right Time519 km
23Phesar05:5405:56Right Time530 km
24Anugrah Narayan Road06:0406:06Right Time539 km
25Son Nagar Jn06:1306:15Right Time550 km
26Dehri On Son06:2306:25Right Time555 km
27Sasaram06:3806:40Right Time573 km
28Kudra07:0007:02Right Time598 km
29Bhabua Road07:1807:20Right Time621 km
30Durgauti07:2807:30Right Time630 km
31Karamnasa07:5207:54Right Time641 km
32Saidraja08:0208:04Right Time650 km
33Chandauli Majhwar08:1208:14Right Time658 km
34Mughal Sarai Jn09:1009:30Right Time674 km
35Kashi10:0110:03Right Time688 km
36Varanasi Jn10:2010:30Right Time693 km
37Babatpur10:4810:49Right Time712 km
38Khalispur10:5810:59Right Time721 km
39Jalalganj11:1011:11Right Time732 km
40Zafarabad Jn11:2611:27Right Time744 km
41Jaunpur Jn11:3611:38Right Time750 km
42Shahganj Jn12:1912:24Right Time784 km
43Bilwai12:3512:36Right Time795 km
44Malipur12:4812:50Right Time809 km
45Akbarpur Jn13:0813:10Right Time828 km
46Goshainganj13:2613:27Right Time850 km
47Ayodhya13:5313:55Right Time881 km
48Acharya Narendra Dev Nagar14:0614:07Right Time886 km
49Faizabad Jn14:2214:27Right Time889 km
50Sohwal14:4714:48Right Time904 km
51Rudauli15:0715:08Right Time927 km
52Daryabad15:3815:39Right Time950 km
53Safdarganj16:2416:25Right Time970 km
54Barabanki Jn17:0617:08Right Time988 km
55Lucknow18:1018:25Right Time1016 km
56Sandila19:2219:24Right Time1065 km
57Balamau Jn19:4219:44Right Time1085 km
58Hardoi20:1120:13Right Time1118 km
59Anji Shahabad20:3820:40Right Time1150 km
60Roza Jn21:0921:11Right Time1173 km
61Shahjehanpur21:2321:25Right Time1181 km
62Tilhar21:4021:42Right Time1199 km
63Pitambarpur22:0722:09Right Time1232 km
64Bareilly22:3222:37Right Time1251 km
65Nagaria Sadat23:0323:05Right Time1283 km
66Rampur23:3623:38Right Time1315 km
67Moradabad00:2000:30Right Time1342 km
68Seohara01:1001:12Right Time1388 km
69Dhampur01:2801:30Right Time1401 km
70Nagina01:4801:50Right Time1418 km
71Najibabad Jn02:1502:20Right Time1440 km
72Laksar Jn03:4703:52Right Time1482 km
73Jwalapur04:1604:18Right Time1505 km
74Haridwar Jn04:4505:25Right Time1509 km
75Raiwala Jn05:4805:50Right Time1520 km
76Doiwala06:2306:25Right Time1541 km
77Dehradun07:35Right Time1560 km