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13010 DOON EXPRESS Running status

Right Time
Yet to start
Updated17 Jun 2018 2:15
1Dehradun20:00Right TimeYet to start
2Doiwala20:2820:30Right Time20 km
3Raiwala Jn21:0221:04Right Time40 km
4Haridwar Jn21:4522:20Right Time52 km
5Jwalapur22:2622:28Right Time56 km
6Laksar Jn22:5523:00Right Time79 km
7Najibabad Jn23:4023:45Right Time120 km
8Nagina00:0400:06Right Time142 km
9Dhampur00:2400:26Right Time159 km
10Seohara00:4100:43Right Time173 km
11Moradabad01:5502:05Right Time218 km
12Rampur02:3502:37Right Time246 km
13Nagaria Sadat03:0203:04Right Time278 km
14Bareilly03:3703:42Right Time309 km
15Pitambarpur03:5804:00Right Time329 km
16Tilhar04:2604:28Right Time361 km
17Shahjehanpur04:4804:50Right Time380 km
18Roza Jn04:5805:00Right Time387 km
19Anji Shahabad05:2005:22Right Time410 km
20Hardoi05:4805:50Right Time442 km
21Balamau Jn06:2006:22Right Time475 km
22Sandila06:4306:45Right Time496 km
23Lucknow08:3508:45Right Time544 km
24Barabanki Jn09:2009:22Right Time572 km
25Safdarganj09:4109:42Right Time591 km
26Daryabad09:5809:59Right Time611 km
27Rudauli10:1710:19Right Time634 km
28Sohwal10:3910:40Right Time657 km
29Faizabad Jn11:0511:10Right Time672 km
30Acharya Narendra Dev Nagar11:2011:21Right Time674 km
31Ayodhya11:3011:32Right Time679 km
32Goshainganj12:0112:02Right Time711 km
33Akbarpur Jn12:2112:25Right Time733 km
34Malipur12:4412:46Right Time752 km
35Bilwai13:0513:06Right Time766 km
36Shahganj Jn13:2013:25Right Time777 km
37Kheta Sarai13:3913:40Right Time787 km
38Jaunpur Jn14:0014:02Right Time810 km
39Zafarabad Jn14:1114:12Right Time816 km
40Jalalganj14:3214:33Right Time828 km
41Khalispur14:5314:54Right Time840 km
42Babatpur15:0915:10Right Time849 km
43Varanasi Jn16:0016:10Right Time868 km
44Kashi16:2416:26Right Time873 km
45Mughal Sarai Jn17:1017:30Right Time886 km
46Chandauli Majhwar17:4517:46Right Time902 km
47Saidraja17:5517:56Right Time911 km
48Karamnasa18:0518:06Right Time919 km
49Durgauti18:1618:17Right Time931 km
50Bhabua Road18:2618:27Right Time940 km
51Kudra18:4418:45Right Time962 km
52Sasaram19:0419:05Right Time987 km
53Dehri On Son19:2119:23Right Time1005 km
54Son Nagar Jn19:2919:30Right Time1011 km
55Anugrah Narayan Road19:4019:41Right Time1022 km
56Phesar19:4919:50Right Time1031 km
57Jakhim20:0220:03Right Time1042 km
58Rafiganj20:1420:15Right Time1053 km
59Guraru20:2620:27Right Time1069 km
60Gaya Jn21:1021:15Right Time1090 km
61Tankuppa21:5922:01Right Time1110 km
62Paharpur22:1222:14Right Time1123 km
63Koderma22:5122:53Right Time1166 km
64Parsabad23:1323:15Right Time1193 km
65Hazaribagh Road23:3123:33Right Time1215 km
66Parasnath23:5423:56Right Time1242 km
67Gomoh Jn00:1800:28Right Time1260 km
68Dhanbad Jn01:0001:10Right Time1289 km
69Barakar01:5902:01Right Time1331 km
70Asansol Jn02:2502:30Right Time1348 km
71Raniganj02:4502:47Right Time1366 km
72Durgapur03:0703:09Right Time1391 km
73Panagarh03:2003:22Right Time1406 km
74Barddhaman04:2204:27Right Time1454 km
75Bandel Jn05:4005:45Right Time1522 km
76Chandan Nagar05:5205:54Right Time1528 km
77Shrirampur06:0706:09Right Time1541 km
78Howrah Jn06:55Right Time1561 km