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13010 DOON EXPRESS Running status

18:45, Late 1m
18:47, Late 2m
Departed from Bundki at 23:58, 830 kms. to arrive Kudra
Running Right Time
Train is diverted between Lucknow and Zafarabad Jn
Updated16 Oct 2018 23:58
1Dehradun20:00Right TimeDeparted
2Doiwala20:3520:37Late 4mDeparted
3Raiwala Jn21:1421:16Late 6mDeparted
4Haridwar Jn21:4222:20Right TimeDeparted
5Jwalapur22:3322:35Late 7mDeparted
6Laksar Jn23:0323:08Late 8mDeparted
7Najibabad Jn23:4023:45Right TimeDeparted
8Bundki23:5823:58No StoppageDeparted 11 min ago updated
9Nagina00:1400:15Late 10m10 km away
10Dhampur00:3200:34Late 8m27 km away
11Seohara00:4900:51Late 8m41 km away
12Moradabad01:4702:03Right Time86 km away
13Rampur02:3202:34Right Time114 km away
14Nagaria Sadat03:0103:13Late 2m146 km away
15Bareilly03:4203:47Late 9m177 km away
16Pitambarpur04:0704:09Late 11m197 km away
17Tilhar04:3204:34Late 8m229 km away
18Shahjehanpur05:1205:19Right Time248 km away
19Roza Jn05:2905:31Late 2m255 km away
20Anji Shahabad05:5206:06Late 2m278 km away
21Hardoi06:3106:33Late 12m310 km away
22Balamau Jn07:0007:02Late 12m343 km away
23Sandila07:2007:22Late 9m364 km away
24Lucknow08:3508:45Right Time412 km away
25Haidergarh09:4009:50Right Time-132 km away
26Barabanki Jn09:2009:22Right Time440 km away
27Safdarganj09:4109:42Right Time459 km away
28Daryabad09:5809:59Right Time479 km away
29Rudauli10:1710:19Right Time502 km away
30Sohwal10:3910:40Right Time525 km away
31Faizabad Jn11:0511:10Right Time540 km away
32Acharya Narendra Dev Nagar11:2011:21Right Time542 km away
33Ayodhya11:3011:32Right Time547 km away
34Goshainganj12:0112:02Right Time579 km away
35Akbarpur Jn12:2112:25Right Time601 km away
36Malipur12:4412:46Right Time620 km away
37Bilwai13:2313:24Right Time634 km away
38Shahganj Jn13:3313:35Right Time645 km away
39Kheta Sarai13:5313:54Right Time655 km away
40Jaunpur Jn14:2114:23Right Time678 km away
41Zafarabad Jn14:4414:46Late 2m684 km away
42Jalalganj15:0115:04Right Time696 km away
43Khalispur15:1915:25Right Time708 km away
44Babatpur15:3115:35Right Time717 km away
45Varanasi Jn16:0516:15Right Time736 km away
46Kashi16:2816:31Right Time741 km away
47DDU17:1017:30Right Time754 km away
48Chandauli Majhwar17:4617:48Late 1m770 km away
49Saidraja17:5617:58Late 1m779 km away
50Karamnasa18:0618:08Late 1m787 km away
51Durgauti18:1718:19Late 1m799 km away
52Bhabua Road18:2718:29Late 1m808 km away
Expected Arrival 18:45
Late 1m830 km away
Arrival in 18 hr 36 min
54Sasaram19:0519:07Late 1m
55Dehri On Son19:2119:23Right Time
56Son Nagar Jn19:3019:32Late 1m
57Anugrah Narayan Road19:4119:43Late 1m
58Phesar19:5019:59Late 1m
59Jakhim20:0920:11Late 7m
60Rafiganj20:2120:23Late 7m
61Guraru20:3520:37Late 9m
62Gaya Jn20:5821:15Right Time
63Tankuppa21:5922:01Right Time
64Paharpur22:1222:14Right Time
65Koderma22:4922:53Right Time
66Parsabad23:1223:14Right Time
67Hazaribagh Road23:3123:33Right Time
68Parasnath23:5423:56Right Time
69Gomoh Jn00:1500:28Right Time
70Dhanbad Jn00:5201:10Right Time
71Barakar01:5902:01Right Time
72Asansol Jn02:2502:30Right Time
73Raniganj02:4702:49Late 2m
74Durgapur03:0703:09Right Time
75Panagarh03:2203:24Late 2m
76Barddhaman04:2104:26Right Time
77Bandel Jn05:3205:45Right Time
78Chandan Nagar05:5405:56Late 2m
79Shrirampur06:0906:14Late 2m
80Howrah Jn06:43Right Time