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13019 BAGH EXPRESS Running status

Departure21:45 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated20 Jan 2019 0:05
1Howrah Jn21:45Right TimeYet to start
2Shrirampur22:0922:10Right Time20 km
3Bandel Jn22:3922:41Right Time39 km
4Barddhaman23:3223:37Right Time107 km
5Durgapur00:2900:31Right Time169 km
6Andal Jn00:4400:46Right Time185 km
7Raniganj00:5400:56Right Time193 km
8Asansol Jn01:1801:23Right Time211 km
9Chittaranjan01:4701:48Right Time236 km
10Madhupur Jn02:2902:34Right Time292 km
11Jasidih Jn02:5903:04Right Time321 km
12Simultala03:2703:28Right Time347 km
13Jhajha04:2504:35Right Time365 km
14Jamui04:5104:53Right Time391 km
15Kiul Jn05:1405:19Right Time419 km
16Luckeesarai Jn05:2305:25Right Time421 km
17Barhiya05:4505:47Right Time436 km
18Dinkar Gram Simaria06:5606:58Right Time452 km
19Barauni Jn07:1507:25Right Time456 km
20Bachwara Jn07:4407:46Right Time473 km
21Dalsingh Sarai07:5808:00Right Time484 km
22Nazirganj08:1408:16Right Time492 km
23Ujiarpur08:3408:36Right Time498 km
24Samastipur Jn08:5008:55Right Time507 km
25Karpoorigram09:0309:05Right Time513 km
26Khudiram Bose Pusa09:1209:14Right Time521 km
27Dholi09:2609:28Right Time534 km
28Muzaffarpur Jn10:0010:05Right Time559 km
29Goraul10:3210:34Right Time585 km
30Bhagwanpur10:4210:44Right Time593 km
31Hajipur Jn11:1011:15Right Time613 km
32Sonpur Jn11:2511:30Right Time618 km
33Nayagaon11:4211:44Right Time630 km
34Dighwara11:5411:56Right Time642 km
35Chhapra13:0513:15Right Time672 km
36Daudpur13:3213:34Right Time691 km
37Ekma13:4413:46Right Time700 km
38Chainwa13:5513:57Right Time707 km
39Duraundha Jn14:0714:09Right Time715 km
40Siwan Jn14:4514:50Right Time732 km
41Jiradei14:5815:00Right Time742 km
42Mairwa15:1115:13Right Time753 km
43Bankata15:2415:26Right Time759 km
44Bhatpar Rani15:3615:38Right Time767 km
45Bhatni Jn15:5516:00Right Time780 km
46Deoria Sadar16:1816:20Right Time801 km
47Chauri Chaura16:5616:58Right Time826 km
48Gorakhpur17:4518:00Right Time851 km
49Khalilabad18:3618:38Right Time885 km
50Basti19:0519:08Right Time915 km
51Gonda Jn20:3020:40Right Time1003 km
52Jarwal Road21:1421:16Right Time1049 km
53Barabanki Jn22:1122:13Right Time1091 km
54Lucknow00:1000:35Right Time1119 km
55Hardoi02:1502:17Right Time1221 km
56Roza Jn03:3503:43Right Time1276 km
57Shahjehanpur03:5504:00Right Time1284 km
58Bareilly05:0005:10Right Time1354 km
59Rampur06:1006:35Right Time1418 km
60Bilaspur Road06:5907:01Right Time1445 km
61Rudrapur City07:1707:22Right Time1463 km
62Haldi Road07:3507:37Right Time1477 km
63Lal Kuan08:0508:15Right Time1484 km
64Haldwani08:5509:07Right Time1500 km
65Kathgodam09:25Right Time1507 km