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13019 BAGH EXPRESS Running status

Arrival20:30 Right Time
Departure20:40 Right Time
Departed from Waria at 01:24, 826 kms. to arrive Gonda Jn
Running Late 45 mins
Train is diverted between Howrah Jn and Durgapur
Updated17 Dec 2018 1:25
1Howrah Jn22:10Late 25mDeparted
2Shrirampur22:0922:10Right Time
3Bandel Jn22:3922:41Right Time
4Barddhaman23:3223:37Right Time
5Durgapur01:1401:16Late 45mDeparted
6Waria01:2401:24No StoppageDeparted 6 min ago updated
7Andal Jn01:2901:31Late 45m8 km away
8Raniganj01:4101:43Late 47m16 km away
9Asansol Jn01:5802:03Late 40m34 km away
10Chittaranjan02:2602:28Late 39m59 km away
11Madhupur Jn03:0703:12Late 38m115 km away
12Jasidih Jn03:3703:42Late 38m144 km away
13Simultala04:0304:05Late 36m170 km away
14Jhajha04:2704:37Late 2m188 km away
15Jamui04:5504:57Late 4m214 km away
16Kiul Jn05:1605:21Late 2m242 km away
17Luckeesarai Jn05:2705:29Late 4m244 km away
18Barhiya05:4405:47Right Time259 km away
19Dinkar Gram Simaria06:4606:58Right Time275 km away
20Barauni Jn07:1307:25Right Time279 km away
21Bachwara Jn07:4607:48Late 2m296 km away
22Dalsingh Sarai08:0008:02Late 2m307 km away
23Nazirganj08:1008:16Right Time315 km away
24Ujiarpur08:2308:36Right Time321 km away
25Samastipur Jn08:5008:55Right Time330 km away
26Karpoorigram09:0509:07Late 2m336 km away
27Khudiram Bose Pusa09:1409:16Late 2m344 km away
28Dholi09:2809:30Late 2m357 km away
29Muzaffarpur Jn09:5310:05Right Time382 km away
30Goraul10:3410:36Late 2m408 km away
31Bhagwanpur10:4410:46Late 2m416 km away
32Hajipur Jn11:1011:15Right Time436 km away
33Sonpur Jn11:2511:30Right Time441 km away
34Nayagaon11:4411:46Late 2m453 km away
35Dighwara11:5612:14Late 2m465 km away
36Chhapra13:0513:15Right Time495 km away
37Daudpur13:3413:36Late 2m514 km away
38Ekma13:4613:48Late 2m523 km away
39Chainwa13:5713:59Late 2m530 km away
40Duraundha Jn14:0914:26Late 2m538 km away
41Siwan Jn14:4114:50Right Time555 km away
42Jiradei15:0015:02Late 2m565 km away
43Mairwa15:1315:15Late 2m576 km away
44Bankata15:2415:26Right Time582 km away
45Bhatpar Rani15:3615:38Right Time590 km away
46Bhatni Jn15:5216:00Right Time603 km away
47Deoria Sadar16:1716:22Late 2m624 km away
48Chauri Chaura16:4816:58Right Time649 km away
49Gorakhpur17:4518:00Right Time674 km away
50Khalilabad18:3818:40Late 2m708 km away
51Basti19:0419:08Right Time738 km away
52Gonda Jn20:3020:40Right Time826 km away
Arrival in 18 hr 59 min
53Jarwal Road21:1621:18Late 2m
54Barabanki Jn21:5622:13Right Time
55Lucknow23:3200:35Right Time
56Hardoi01:5002:17Right Time
57Roza Jn03:2803:43Right Time
58Shahjehanpur03:5004:00Right Time
59Bareilly04:5505:10Right Time
60Rampur06:0506:35Right Time
61Bilaspur Road06:5907:01Right Time
62Rudrapur City07:1307:22Right Time
63Haldi Road07:3507:37Right Time
64Lal Kuan07:4708:15Right Time
65Haldwani08:4309:07Right Time
66Kathgodam09:20Right Time