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13020 BAGH EXPRESS Running status

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EExpected22:45 23 Apr 2018
PDelayLate 50m
Last Update23 Apr 2018 20:49
Yet to start
Late 50mYet to start
2Haldwani22:5723:02Late 50m6 km
3Lal Kuan23:3423:39Late 47m22 km
4Haldi Road23:4723:49Late 47m30 km
5Rudrapur City00:0000:05Late 47m44 km
6Bilaspur Road00:2200:24Late 47m62 km
7Rampur00:5001:12Late 20m89 km
8Bareilly02:0302:10Late 17m152 km
9Shahjehanpur03:0503:07Late 5m223 km
10Roza Jn03:1503:17Late 5m230 km
11Hardoi04:0504:07Late 5m285 km
12Lucknow Ne05:5506:20Right Time387 km
13Badshahnagar07:0307:05Right Time399 km
14Barabanki Jn07:5007:52Right Time423 km
15Jarwal Road08:2808:30Right Time466 km
16Gonda Jn09:2009:25Right Time512 km
17Basti10:4010:43Right Time601 km
18Khalilabad11:1611:18Right Time631 km
19Gorakhpur12:3012:45Right Time665 km
20Chauri Chaura13:0913:12Right Time690 km
21Deoria Sadar13:3313:36Right Time715 km
22Bhatni Jn13:5814:03Right Time736 km
23Bhatpar Rani14:1314:15Right Time749 km
24Bankata14:2514:27Right Time757 km
25Mairwa14:3614:38Right Time763 km
26Jiradei14:5314:55Right Time774 km
27Siwan Jn15:2615:36Right Time784 km
28Duraundha Jn15:4915:51Right Time802 km
29Chainwa16:0016:02Right Time810 km
30Ekma16:1116:13Right Time817 km
31Daudpur16:3116:33Right Time826 km
32Chhapra17:2017:30Right Time845 km
33Dighwara18:0218:04Right Time876 km
34Nayagaon18:1418:16Right Time888 km
35Sonpur Jn18:3518:40Right Time899 km
36Hajipur Jn18:5018:55Right Time904 km
37Bhagwanpur19:1319:15Right Time924 km
38Goraul19:2319:25Right Time932 km
39Muzaffarpur Jn20:2020:25Right Time958 km
40Dholi20:4520:47Right Time983 km
41Khudiram Bose Pusa21:0021:02Right Time997 km
42Karpoorigram21:0721:09Right Time1004 km
43Samastipur Jn21:3521:40Right Time1010 km
44Dalsingh Sarai21:5922:01Right Time1033 km
45Bachwara Jn22:1122:13Right Time1044 km
46Barauni Jn23:2023:35Right Time1061 km
47Kiul Jn01:1701:22Right Time1100 km
48Jhajha03:0503:15Right Time1154 km
49Simultala03:3103:33Right Time1173 km
50Jasidih Jn03:5604:01Right Time1198 km
51Madhupur Jn04:2905:24Right Time1227 km
52Vidyasagar05:4205:44Right Time1251 km
53Jamtara06:0106:03Right Time1269 km
54Chittaranjan06:2106:25Right Time1283 km
55Rupnarayanpur06:3206:34Right Time1288 km
56Sitarampur07:3007:50Right Time1299 km
57Asansol Jn08:3008:45Right Time1308 km
58Raniganj09:0009:02Right Time1327 km
59Andal Jn09:1309:15Right Time1334 km
60Durgapur09:2909:31Right Time1351 km
61Panagarh09:4209:44Right Time1367 km
62Barddhaman10:3110:36Right Time1415 km
63Bandel Jn11:4411:49Right Time1482 km
64Howrah Jn12:40Right Time1521 km