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13021 MITHILA EXPRESS Running status

21:10, Late 5h 25m
Platform 8
Yet to start
Updated23 Jun 2018 10:16
1Howrah Jn15:45
Late 5h 25mYet to start
2Shrirampur21:3221:33Late 5h 24m20 km
3Seoraphuli Jn21:4421:49Late 5h 24m22 km
4Chandan Nagar21:5821:59Late 5h 24m33 km
5Bandel Jn22:1022:15Late 5h 23m39 km
6Barddhaman23:0623:10Late 4h 56m107 km
7Panagarh23:4323:44Late 4h 56m155 km
8Durgapur00:0000:05Late 4h 56m170 km
9Waria00:1300:14Late 4h 56m180 km
10Andal Jn00:2400:26Late 4h 56m187 km
11Raniganj00:3400:35Late 4h 56m195 km
12Asansol Jn00:5400:59Late 4h 51m213 km
13Sitarampur01:1101:13Late 4h 51m222 km
14Rupnarayanpur01:2401:25Late 4h 51m234 km
15Chittaranjan01:3401:37Late 4h 51m238 km
16Jamtara01:5101:52Late 4h 51m252 km
17Vidyasagar02:1002:11Late 4h 51m271 km
18Madhupur Jn02:3402:38Late 4h 51m295 km
19Jasidih Jn03:0203:07Late 4h 51m324 km
20Jhajha03:4003:45Late 4h 19m367 km
21Kiul Jn04:2004:25Late 4h 19m421 km
22Barauni Jn05:2505:45Late 3h 45m461 km
23Teghra05:5605:58Late 3h 45m468 km
24Bachwara Jn06:0906:11Late 3h 45m477 km
25Dalsingh Sarai06:2406:26Late 3h 45m488 km
26Ujiarpur06:3706:39Late 3h 45m502 km
27Samastipur Jn06:5707:02Late 3h 42m512 km
28Karpoorigram07:1307:15Late 3h 42m518 km
29Khudiram Bose Pusa07:2207:24Late 3h 42m525 km
30Dubaha07:3207:34Late 3h 42m532 km
31Dholi07:4107:43Late 3h 42m538 km
32Siho07:5007:52Late 3h 42m545 km
33Silaut07:5908:01Late 3h 42m551 km
34Narayanpur Anant08:0808:10Late 3h 42m558 km
35Muzaffarpur Jn08:2208:42Late 3h 27m563 km
36Motipur09:0409:06Late 3h 27m589 km
37Mehsi09:1709:19Late 3h 27m603 km
38Chakia09:2809:30Late 3h 27m611 km
39Bapudm Motihari09:5710:02Late 3h 23m643 km
40Sagauli Jn10:2010:43Late 3h 23m664 km
41Ramgarhwa F10:5010:52Late 3h 17m679 km
42Raxaul Jn11:12Late 2h 47m693 km