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13022 MITHILA EXPRESS Running status

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Raxaul Jn-RXL
EExpected22:30 20 May 2018
PDelayLate 12h 30m
Last Update20 May 2018 15:53
Yet to start
1Raxaul Jn10:00
Late 12h 30mYet to start
2Ramgarhwa F22:4122:43Late 12h 30m14 km
3Sagauli Jn23:0023:25Late 12h 25m29 km
4Bapudm Motihari23:4123:46Late 12h 25m50 km
5Chakia00:0900:11Late 12h 25m81 km
6Mehsi00:2000:22Late 12h 25m90 km
7Motipur00:3300:35Late 12h 25m103 km
8Muzaffarpur Jn01:0901:29Late 11h 49m129 km
9Narayanpur Anant01:3701:39Late 11h 49m134 km
10Silaut01:4601:48Late 11h 49m141 km
11Siho01:5501:57Late 11h 49m147 km
12Dholi02:0402:06Late 11h 49m154 km
13Dubaha02:1302:15Late 11h 49m160 km
14Khudiram Bose Pusa02:2302:25Late 11h 49m168 km
15Karpoorigram02:3202:34Late 11h 49m175 km
16Samastipur Jn02:4902:54Late 11h 46m181 km
17Ujiarpur03:0303:05Late 11h 46m190 km
18Nazirganj03:1403:16Late 11h 46m197 km
19Dalsingh Sarai03:3203:33Late 11h 46m204 km
20Sathajagat03:4203:44Late 11h 46m209 km
21Bachwara Jn03:5804:00Late 11h 46m215 km
22Teghra04:1704:19Late 11h 46m224 km
23Barauni Jn05:0205:22Late 11h 37m232 km
24Dinkar Gram Simaria05:3605:37Late 11h 32m238 km
25Barhiya06:0406:06Late 11h 28m255 km
26Luckeesarai Jn06:2606:28Late 11h 28m270 km
27Kiul Jn06:5106:56Late 11h 28m271 km
28Jamui07:1507:17Late 11h 17m299 km
29Jhajha07:3707:47Late 10h 42m325 km
30Jasidih Jn08:1908:24Late 10h 42m369 km
31Madhupur Jn08:4908:53Late 10h 42m398 km
32Chittaranjan09:3409:35Late 10h 38m455 km
33Asansol Jn09:5910:09Late 10h 25m479 km
34Raniganj10:2610:30Late 10h 25m498 km
35Andal Jn10:4110:43Late 10h 25m505 km
36Durgapur10:5811:02Late 10h 25m523 km
37Barddhaman11:4811:53Late 10h 12m586 km
38Bandel Jn12:4212:47Late 10h 2m653 km
39Chandan Nagar12:5512:56Late 10h 2m660 km
40Seoraphuli Jn13:1113:12Late 10h 2m670 km
41Shrirampur13:1613:17Late 10h 2m673 km
42Howrah Jn13:49Late 9h 49m693 km