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13033 HWH KIR EXPRESS Running status

Departure21:25 Right Time
Platform 6
Yet to start
Updated14 Jul 2018 2:15
1Howrah Jn21:25Right TimeYet to start
2Seoraphuli Jn21:5421:55Right Time22 km
3Chuchura22:0522:06Right Time36 km
4Bandel Jn22:1622:21Right Time39 km
5Bansh Baria22:2522:26Right Time44 km
6Tribeni22:2922:30Right Time47 km
7Kuntighat22:3222:33Right Time51 km
8Dumurdaha22:3522:36Right Time54 km
9Khamargachhi22:3822:39Right Time56 km
10Jirat22:4222:43Right Time61 km
11Balagarh22:4622:47Right Time65 km
12Somra Bazar22:4922:50Right Time67 km
13Behula22:5322:54Right Time72 km
14Guptipara22:5622:57Right Time74 km
15Ambika Kalna23:0223:03Right Time82 km
16Baghnapara23:0623:07Right Time86 km
17Dhatrigram23:1123:12Right Time90 km
18Samudragarh23:1923:20Right Time97 km
19Nabadwip Dham23:3023:32Right Time105 km
20Purbasthali00:0700:08Right Time115 km
21Katwa Jn01:0501:10Right Time146 km
22Salar01:2701:28Right Time163 km
23Bazarsau01:5701:58Right Time177 km
24Khagraghat Road02:4202:43Right Time205 km
25Lalbagh Court Road02:5102:52Right Time212 km
26Azimganj03:2503:35Right Time219 km
27Azimganj City03:3703:38Right Time220 km
28Mahipal Road03:4703:48Right Time230 km
29Manigram03:5803:59Right Time240 km
30Gankar04:0704:08Right Time248 km
31Jangipur Road04:2004:21Right Time254 km
32Ahiran H04:2804:29Right Time261 km
33Sujnipara04:3804:39Right Time268 km
34Nimtita04:5204:53Right Time274 km
35Basudebpur H04:5804:59Right Time277 km
36Dhulian Ganga05:1405:15Right Time284 km
37Sankopara H05:2205:23Right Time289 km
38New Farakka Jn06:0506:10Right Time299 km
39Chamagram06:2006:21Right Time304 km
40Khaltipur06:3006:31Right Time312 km
41Jamirghata06:3906:40Right Time320 km
42Gaur Malda07:0707:08Right Time325 km
43Malda Town07:2507:40Right Time333 km
44Samsi08:0908:11Right Time368 km
45Bhaluka Road08:2108:23Right Time378 km
46Harishchandrapur08:3208:34Right Time388 km
47Kumedpur08:4808:50Right Time394 km
48Labha09:0009:02Right Time401 km
49Katihar Jn09:45Right Time424 km