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13049 AMRITSAR EXP Running status

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Howrah Jn-HWH
EExpected13:50 24 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Howrah Jn13:50Right TimeYet to start
2Shrirampur14:1614:17Right Time19 km
3Seoraphuli Jn14:3014:31Right Time22 km
4Chandan Nagar14:4014:41Right Time32 km
5Chuchura14:5014:51Right Time35 km
6Bandel Jn15:0615:11Right Time39 km
7Barddhaman16:0216:09Right Time106 km
8Khana Jn16:3016:31Right Time119 km
9Mankar16:4816:49Right Time144 km
10Panagarh16:5816:59Right Time154 km
11Durgapur17:1717:19Right Time170 km
12Waria17:2617:27Right Time179 km
13Andal Jn17:3717:39Right Time187 km
14Raniganj17:4717:48Right Time194 km
15Asansol Jn18:0818:13Right Time213 km
16Sitarampur18:2618:28Right Time222 km
17Rupnarayanpur18:5018:51Right Time233 km
18Chittaranjan19:0019:02Right Time238 km
19Jamtara19:1519:16Right Time252 km
20Vidyasagar19:3319:34Right Time270 km
21Madhupur Jn19:5620:01Right Time294 km
22Mathurapur20:1120:12Right Time306 km
23Jasidih Jn20:2920:34Right Time323 km
24Simultala21:0221:03Right Time348 km
25Jhajha21:5522:05Right Time367 km
26Gidhaur22:1322:15Right Time378 km
27Jamui22:2722:29Right Time393 km
28Mananpur22:4022:42Right Time407 km
29Kiul Jn23:0823:12Right Time421 km
30Luckeesarai Jn23:1723:19Right Time422 km
31Barhiya23:3123:33Right Time437 km
32Hathidah Jn23:4323:45Right Time448 km
33Mokameh Jn00:0400:09Right Time455 km
34Barh00:2500:27Right Time481 km
35Bakhtiyarpur Jn00:4500:47Right Time499 km
36Fatuha01:0701:09Right Time522 km
37Patna Saheb01:2201:24Right Time534 km
38Patna Jn01:5502:05Right Time544 km
39Danapur02:1702:19Right Time554 km
40Bihta02:3002:32Right Time571 km
41Ara02:5002:55Right Time593 km
42Bihiya03:0903:11Right Time615 km
43Banahi03:1803:20Right Time620 km
44Raghunathpur03:2803:30Right Time629 km
45Twining Ganj03:3803:40Right Time638 km
46Dumraon03:4803:50Right Time645 km
47Buxar04:1004:15Right Time662 km
48Chausa04:2404:26Right Time673 km
49Gahmar04:3504:37Right Time682 km
50Bhadaura04:4704:49Right Time690 km
51Dildarnagar Jn04:5905:01Right Time698 km
52Zamania05:1605:18Right Time712 km
53Dheena05:4905:51Right Time724 km
54Sakaldiha06:0206:04Right Time738 km
55Kuchman06:1906:21Right Time744 km
56Mughal Sarai Jn07:1907:34Right Time755 km
57Vyasanagar07:5607:57Right Time763 km
58Kashi08:0608:08Right Time768 km
59Varanasi Jn08:2508:40Right Time773 km
60Birapatti08:5508:56Right Time786 km
61Babatpur09:0309:04Right Time792 km
62Pindra Road09:1009:11Right Time797 km
63Khalispur09:1709:18Right Time801 km
64Jalalganj09:3009:31Right Time813 km
65Sarkoni09:3909:40Right Time819 km
66Zafarabad Jn09:5309:54Right Time825 km
67Jaunpur City10:0610:08Right Time831 km
68Sri Krishna Nagar10:3710:38Right Time859 km
69Harpalganj10:4810:49Right Time867 km
70Koiripur11:0311:04Right Time878 km
71Lambhua11:2411:25Right Time895 km
72Sultanpur Jn12:0012:05Right Time917 km
73Shivnagar12:2612:27Right Time939 km
74Musafirkhana12:3612:37Right Time948 km
75Nihalgarh12:5612:58Right Time967 km
76Akbar Ganj13:1613:17Right Time982 km
77Haidergarh13:4013:41Right Time1000 km
78Lucknow15:4016:10Right Time1056 km
79Alam Nagar16:3516:37Right Time1062 km
80Sandila17:1017:12Right Time1105 km
81Balamau Jn17:3117:33Right Time1125 km
82Hardoi18:0618:08Right Time1158 km
83Anji Shahabad18:3318:35Right Time1190 km
84Shahjehanpur19:1219:17Right Time1221 km
85Tilhar19:3319:35Right Time1239 km
86Pitambarpur20:0120:03Right Time1272 km
87Aonla20:5620:58Right Time1314 km
88Chandausi Jn21:4221:45Right Time1356 km
89Raja Ka Sahaspur Jn22:0722:09Right Time1376 km
90Moradabad22:4522:55Right Time1400 km
91Najibabad Jn00:2000:23Right Time1498 km
92Laksar Jn01:0001:03Right Time1539 km
93Roorkee01:1901:22Right Time1558 km
94Saharanpur02:4503:05Right Time1592 km
95Yamunanagar Jagadhri03:3103:33Right Time1623 km
96Jagadhri Workshop03:4003:42Right Time1628 km
97Ambala Cant Jn04:3504:45Right Time1674 km
98Ambala City04:5704:59Right Time1681 km
99Rajpura Jn05:1505:17Right Time1702 km
100Sirhind Jn05:3805:40Right Time1727 km
101Mandi Gobind Garh05:4705:49Right Time1736 km
102Khanna06:1406:16Right Time1745 km
103Dhandari Kalan06:5406:56Right Time1780 km
104Ludhiana Jn07:1307:23Right Time1787 km
105Phillaur Jn07:3507:37Right Time1801 km
106Phagwara Jn08:0108:03Right Time1823 km
107Jalandhar Cant08:2308:25Right Time1839 km
108Jalandhar City08:3708:45Right Time1844 km
109Kartarpur08:5809:00Right Time1859 km
110Beas09:2209:24Right Time1880 km
111Amritsar Jn10:20Right Time1923 km