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13050 ASR HWH EXPRESS Running status

Departure18:10 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated22 Sep 2018 2:15
1Amritsar Jn18:10Right TimeYet to start
2Beas18:3818:40Right Time42 km
3Kartarpur19:0119:03Right Time64 km
4Jalandhar City19:2319:30Right Time79 km
5Jalandhar Cant19:3819:40Right Time83 km
6Phagwara Jn19:5319:55Right Time100 km
7Phillaur Jn20:1320:15Right Time122 km
8Ludhiana Jn20:4020:50Right Time135 km
9Khanna21:3021:32Right Time178 km
10Mandi Gobind Garh21:4021:42Right Time186 km
11Sirhind Jn21:5321:55Right Time196 km
12Rajpura Jn22:1222:14Right Time221 km
13Ambala City22:3522:37Right Time242 km
14Ambala Cant Jn23:0023:10Right Time249 km
15Jagadhri Workshop23:4323:45Right Time295 km
16Yamunanagar Jagadhri23:5123:53Right Time300 km
17Saharanpur00:3500:55Right Time330 km
18Roorkee01:2501:27Right Time365 km
19Laksar Jn01:4701:49Right Time383 km
20Najibabad Jn02:2802:30Right Time425 km
21Moradabad04:1504:23Right Time523 km
22Raja Ka Sahaspur Jn04:5404:56Right Time547 km
23Chandausi Jn05:3505:38Right Time567 km
24Aonla06:1806:20Right Time609 km
25Pitambarpur07:2907:31Right Time651 km
26Tilhar07:5808:00Right Time683 km
27Shahjehanpur08:2708:32Right Time702 km
28Anji Shahabad08:5809:00Right Time732 km
29Hardoi09:2209:27Right Time764 km
30Balamau Jn10:0010:02Right Time798 km
31Sandila10:2010:22Right Time818 km
32Alam Nagar11:1611:18Right Time860 km
33Lucknow11:4512:10Right Time866 km
34Haidergarh13:0713:08Right Time923 km
35Akbar Ganj13:2113:22Right Time941 km
36Nihalgarh13:3413:36Right Time956 km
37Musafirkhana13:5313:54Right Time975 km
38Sultanpur Jn14:3014:35Right Time1006 km
39Lambhua14:5814:59Right Time1028 km
40Koiripur15:1415:15Right Time1045 km
41Harpalganj15:2415:25Right Time1056 km
42Sri Krishna Nagar15:3815:39Right Time1064 km
43Jaunpur City16:0816:12Right Time1092 km
44Zafarabad Jn16:2816:29Right Time1098 km
45Khalispur17:3117:32Right Time1121 km
46Pindra Road17:3817:39Right Time1126 km
47Babatpur17:5517:56Right Time1131 km
48Shiupur18:2418:25Right Time1144 km
49Varanasi Jn18:5519:15Right Time1149 km
50Kashi19:3019:31Right Time1155 km
51DDU20:1820:33Right Time1168 km
52Kuchman20:4920:51Right Time1178 km
53Sakaldiha21:0021:02Right Time1185 km
54Dheena21:1321:15Right Time1199 km
55Zamania21:2521:27Right Time1211 km
56Dildarnagar Jn21:4021:42Right Time1225 km
57Bhadaura21:4821:50Right Time1233 km
58Gahmar21:5721:59Right Time1241 km
59Chausa22:0022:02Right Time1250 km
60Buxar22:3622:40Right Time1261 km
61Dumraon22:5222:54Right Time1277 km
62Twining Ganj23:0223:04Right Time1285 km
63Raghunathpur23:1323:15Right Time1294 km
64Banahi23:2423:26Right Time1302 km
65Bihiya23:4823:50Right Time1308 km
66Ara00:2300:28Right Time1330 km
67Bihta00:4300:45Right Time1352 km
68Danapur01:0301:05Right Time1369 km
69Patna Jn01:4001:50Right Time1379 km
70Patna Saheb02:1102:13Right Time1389 km
71Fatuha02:2302:25Right Time1401 km
72Bakhtiyarpur Jn02:4402:46Right Time1424 km
73Barh02:5803:00Right Time1442 km
74Mokameh Jn03:2203:24Right Time1468 km
75Hathidah Jn03:3103:33Right Time1475 km
76Barhiya03:4403:46Right Time1486 km
77Luckeesarai Jn04:0304:05Right Time1501 km
78Kiul Jn04:3404:36Right Time1502 km
79Mananpur04:4804:50Right Time1516 km
80Jamui05:1805:20Right Time1530 km
81Gidhaur05:3305:35Right Time1544 km
82Jhajha07:0007:10Right Time1556 km
83Simultala07:2507:27Right Time1575 km
84Jasidih Jn08:0008:05Right Time1600 km
85Mathurapur08:1908:21Right Time1617 km
86Madhupur Jn08:3408:39Right Time1629 km
87Vidyasagar09:0209:04Right Time1653 km
88Jamtara09:2009:22Right Time1671 km
89Chittaranjan09:4009:42Right Time1685 km
90Rupnarayanpur09:4709:49Right Time1690 km
91Sitarampur10:2610:28Right Time1701 km
92Asansol Jn10:5511:05Right Time1710 km
93Raniganj11:2011:22Right Time1728 km
94Andal Jn11:3311:35Right Time1736 km
95Waria11:4111:43Right Time1743 km
96Durgapur11:5311:57Right Time1753 km
97Panagarh12:0712:09Right Time1769 km
98Mankar12:2112:23Right Time1779 km
99Khana Jn12:5312:55Right Time1803 km
100Barddhaman13:1513:20Right Time1817 km
101Bandel Jn14:1514:23Right Time1884 km
102Chuchura14:2814:30Right Time1888 km
103Chandan Nagar14:3414:36Right Time1891 km
104Seoraphuli Jn14:5214:54Right Time1901 km
105Shrirampur14:5714:59Right Time1904 km
106Howrah Jn15:50Right Time1923 km