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13106 BUI SDAH EXP Running status

Departure08:50 Right Time
Platform 2
Departed from Chhapra Gramin at 11:39, 69 kms. ahead of Ballia
Running Late 30 mins
Train is diverted between Barddhaman and Sealdah
Updated13 Dec 2018 11:42
1Ballia08:50Right TimeDeparted
2Sahatwar09:1509:17Late 6mDeparted
3Suraimanpur09:3809:40Late 9mDeparted
4Chhapra10:4011:15Late 30mDeparted
5Chhapra Gramin11:3911:39No StoppageDeparted 12 min ago updated
6Dighwara12:0112:02Late 43m26 km away
7Sitalpur12:0812:10Late 42m31 km away
8Nayagaon12:1712:19Late 42m38 km away
9Sonpur Jn12:3413:02Late 34m50 km away
10Hajipur Jn13:1213:17Late 34m55 km away
11Akshaywat Rai Nagar13:3113:33Late 36m66 km away
12Desari13:4413:46Late 36m75 km away
13Mehnar Road13:5513:57Late 36m85 km away
14Shahpur Patoree14:0414:09Late 34m93 km away
15Mohiuddinnagar14:2714:29Late 36m106 km away
16Vidyapatidham14:3814:40Late 36m116 km away
17Barauni Jn15:1015:20Late 15m143 km away
18Barhiya16:0416:06Late 3m166 km away
19Kiul Jn16:4316:55Right Time182 km away
20Jamui17:2017:22Right Time210 km away
21Gidhaur17:3517:37Right Time225 km away
22Jhajha18:1718:50Right Time236 km away
23Jasidih Jn19:2219:27Right Time280 km away
24Madhupur Jn19:5219:54Right Time309 km away
25Chittaranjan20:3220:55Late 21m366 km away
26Asansol Jn22:2022:25Right Time391 km away
27Durgapur23:1023:12Right Time434 km away
28Barddhaman00:3100:36Right Time497 km away
29Bandel Jn01:3801:43Right Time564 km away
30Naihati Jn02:0402:09Right Time573 km away
31Sealdah03:50Right Time614 km away