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13131 KOAA GRD EXP Running status

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EExpected19:50 25 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Kolkata19:50Right TimeYet to start
2Naihati Jn20:4320:45Right Time33 km
3Bandel Jn21:0621:11Right Time42 km
4Barddhaman22:0622:11Right Time109 km
5Durgapur23:0123:03Right Time173 km
6Raniganj23:2223:24Right Time198 km
7Asansol Jn23:4323:48Right Time216 km
8Chittaranjan00:1200:13Right Time241 km
9Jamtara00:2600:27Right Time255 km
10Madhupur Jn01:1701:57Right Time297 km
11Jasidih Jn02:2302:28Right Time326 km
12Simultala02:4802:50Right Time351 km
13Jhajha03:2003:25Right Time370 km
14Gidhaur03:3303:35Right Time382 km
15Jamui03:4703:49Right Time396 km
16Bhalui03:5803:59Right Time405 km
17Mananpur04:0404:06Right Time410 km
18Bansipur04:1204:14Right Time416 km
19Kiul Jn04:4204:44Right Time424 km
20Luckeesarai Jn04:5004:52Right Time425 km
21Mankatha05:0405:06Right Time431 km
22Dumari H05:1405:15Right Time436 km
23Barhiya05:2305:25Right Time440 km
24Rampur Dumra05:5305:54Right Time446 km
25Hathidah Jn05:5906:01Right Time451 km
26Tall Jn06:0706:08Right Time453 km
27Mokameh Jn06:2106:23Right Time458 km
28Mor06:3106:33Right Time465 km
29Kanhaipur06:3906:40Right Time469 km
30Memrakhabad H06:4406:45Right Time471 km
31Punarakh06:5006:52Right Time474 km
32Barh07:0407:06Right Time484 km
33Athmal Gola07:1507:17Right Time493 km
34Bakhtiyarpur Jn07:3507:40Right Time502 km
35Teka Bigha H07:4907:50Right Time506 km
36Salimpur Bihar07:5407:55Right Time508 km
37Karauta07:5908:00Right Time511 km
38Khusropur08:1208:14Right Time517 km
39Fatuha08:3408:36Right Time525 km
40Banka Ghat08:4808:49Right Time531 km
41Patna Saheb08:5508:57Right Time537 km
42Gulzarbagh09:0509:07Right Time540 km
43Rajendranagar T09:2009:22Right Time545 km
44Patna Jn09:45Right Time547 km