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13132 PNBE KOAA EXPRES Running status

Arrival17:59 Right Time
Departure18:01 Right Time
Yet to start
Train is diverted between Barddhaman and Kolkata
Updated8 Dec 2018 21:26
1Patna Jn16:45Right TimeYet to start
2Rajendranagar T16:5516:57Right Time2 km
3Gulzarbagh17:0417:06Late 2m7 km
4Patna Saheb17:1317:15Late 2m10 km
5Banka Ghat17:2317:25Late 2m16 km
6Fatuha17:3317:35Late 2m22 km
7Khusropur17:4417:46Late 2m30 km
8Karauta17:5418:07Late 2m36 km
9Salimpur Bihar17:5918:01Right Time39 km
10Teka Bigha H18:1818:19Late 13m41 km
11Bakhtiyarpur Jn18:2518:27Right Time45 km
12Athmal Gola18:3418:36Right Time54 km
13Barh18:4718:49Late 2m63 km
14Punarakh18:5919:01Late 2m74 km
15Memrakhabad H19:0419:06Right Time76 km
16Kanhaipur19:0919:11Right Time79 km
17Mor19:1619:17Late 2m82 km
18Mokameh Jn19:2519:27Right Time89 km
19Tall Jn19:3519:36Late 2m94 km
20Hathidah Jn19:4119:42Late 2m96 km
21Rampur Dumra19:4819:49Late 2m101 km
22Barhiya19:5719:59Late 2m107 km
23Dumari H20:0220:04Right Time111 km
24Mankatha20:1320:14Late 2m116 km
25Luckeesarai Jn20:2120:23Late 2m122 km
26Kiul Jn20:3020:32Right Time123 km
27Bansipur20:4220:43Late 2m131 km
28Mananpur20:5021:02Late 7m137 km
29Bhalui21:0921:10Late 8m142 km
30Jamui21:2321:25Right Time151 km
31Gidhaur21:3921:51Right Time166 km
32Jhajha22:1822:38Right Time177 km
33Simultala22:5522:57Late 1m196 km
34Jasidih Jn23:1823:23Right Time221 km
35Madhupur Jn23:4800:57Late 2m250 km
36Jamtara01:2801:30Late 1m292 km
37Chittaranjan01:4401:46Right Time307 km
38Asansol Jn02:3702:47Right Time331 km
39Raniganj03:0403:06Late 1m350 km
40Andal Jn03:1503:17Right Time357 km
41Durgapur03:3103:35Right Time375 km
42Barddhaman04:4504:50Right Time438 km
43Bandel Jn05:5606:01Right Time505 km
44Naihati Jn06:2206:30Right Time514 km
45Kolkata07:25Right Time548 km