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13133 SDAH BSB EXP Running status

06:59, Late 1h 52m
07:00, Late 1h 52m
Departed from Gulzarbagh at 14:09, 265 kms. ahead of Pirpainti
Running Late 2 mins
Train is diverted between Barddhaman and Kiul Jn
Updated26 Sep 2018 14:22
1Sealdah23:55Late 2h 40mDeparted
2Bidhannagar Road00:0300:04Late 2h 40m
3Dakhineswar00:1800:19Late 2h 40m
4Barddhaman01:4201:43Late 2h 45m
5Guskara01:5701:59Late 2h 21m
6Bolpur Shantiniketan02:1702:22Late 2h 16m
7Prantik02:3002:31Late 2h 16m
8Ahmadpur Jn02:4802:50Late 2h 16m
9Sainthia Jn03:0203:04Late 2h 16m
10Rampur Hat03:2803:33Late 2h 13m
11Nalhati Jn03:4703:49Late 2h 13m
12Murarai03:5803:59Late 2h 9m
13Rajgram04:2904:31Late 2h 9m
14Pakur04:4404:46Late 2h 9m
15Kotalpukur04:5805:00Late 2h 1m
16Barharwa Jn05:1605:21Late 1h 55m
17Tinpahar Jn05:3605:37Late 1h 55m
18Taljhari05:5005:51Late 1h 55m
19Sakrigali06:1206:13Late 1h 55m
20Sahibganj Jn06:2706:32Late 1h 52m
21Mirza Cheuki06:4706:48Late 1h 52m
Expected Arrival 06:59
Late 1h 52m
Arrival in 16 hr 30 min
23Shivnarayanpur07:1207:13Late 1h 52m
24Bikramshila07:2207:23Late 1h 52m
25Kahalgaon07:3407:35Late 1h 51m
26Ekchari07:4307:44Late 1h 51m
27Ghoga07:5307:54Late 1h 51m
28Sabour08:1208:13Late 1h 51m
29Bhagalpur08:2508:35Late 1h 45m
30Nathnagar08:4208:43Late 1h 45m
31Murarpur H08:5208:53Late 1h 45m
32Akbarnagar09:0209:03Late 1h 45m
33Sultanganj09:1509:16Late 1h 45m
34Bariarpur09:4009:41Late 1h 45m
35Ratanpur09:4909:50Late 1h 45m
36Jamalpur Jn10:0110:16Late 1h 41m
37Dasharathpur10:2510:26Late 1h 41m
38Dharhara10:3610:37Late 1h 41m
39Abhaipur10:5010:51Late 1h 41m
40Kajra11:0111:02Late 1h 41m
41Kiul Jn13:0313:11Late 2h 41m
42Luckeesarai Jn10:3810:40Late 3mDeparted
43Barhiya11:0311:05Late 12mDeparted
44Hathidah Jn11:1611:18Late 12mDeparted
45Mokameh Jn11:3511:39Late 7mDeparted
46Mor11:5011:52Late 12mDeparted
47Punarakh12:0012:01Late 11mDeparted
48Barh12:1712:19Late 18mDeparted
49Athmal Gola12:2512:27Late 15mDeparted
50Bakhtiyarpur Jn12:3612:42Right TimeDeparted
51Karauta12:5213:02Late 3mDeparted
52Khusropur13:2013:23Late 15mDeparted
53Hardas Bigha14:1114:13Late 58m
54Fatuha13:3813:40Late 18mDeparted
55Patna Saheb13:5914:00Late 21m
56Gulzarbagh14:0214:09Late 2mDeparted 27 min ago updated
57Rajendranagar T14:1614:18Right Time5 km away
58Patna Jn14:2814:35Late 3m7 km away
59Phulwari Sharif14:4714:49Late 2m13 km away
60Danapur14:5515:05Right Time17 km away
61Neora15:1215:14Late 2m22 km away
62Sadisopur16:1016:12Late 52m29 km away
63Bihta15:2715:29Late 2m34 km away
64Pali A15:3515:36Late 1m40 km away
65Koelwar16:3116:33Late 52m42 km away
66Kulharia15:4815:50Late 2m46 km away
67Ara15:5916:04Right Time56 km away
68Karisath16:1316:15Late 2m66 km away
69Bihiya16:2516:38Late 2m78 km away
70Banahi16:4516:47Late 12m83 km away
71Raghunathpur16:5516:57Late 12m92 km away
72Twining Ganj17:0517:07Late 12m101 km away
73Dumraon17:1517:17Late 12m108 km away
74Buxar17:3017:55Late 5m125 km away
75Chausa18:0418:06Late 27m136 km away
76Gahmar18:1618:18Late 28m145 km away
77Bhadaura18:2518:40Late 17m153 km away
78Dildarnagar Jn18:4818:53Late 28m161 km away
79Zamania19:0419:06Late 30m174 km away
80Sakaldiha19:5319:55Late 55m200 km away
81DDU20:3820:48Right Time217 km away
82Varanasi Jn21:21Right Time236 km away