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13149 KANCHANKANYA EXP Running status

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EExpected20:30 22 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Sealdah20:30Right TimeYet to start
2Bidhannagar Road20:3820:39Right Time6 km
3Dakhineswar20:5320:54Right Time16 km
4Kamarkundu21:2621:27Right Time42 km
5Barddhaman22:2222:27Right Time104 km
6Bolpur Shantiniketan23:1223:17Right Time155 km
7Ahmadpur Jn23:3623:38Right Time174 km
8Sainthia Jn23:5023:52Right Time188 km
9Rampur Hat00:2400:29Right Time215 km
10Pakur01:1101:16Right Time269 km
11New Farakka Jn02:0902:14Right Time302 km
12Malda Town03:1003:25Right Time337 km
13Harishchandrapur04:0504:07Right Time392 km
14Kumedpur04:1904:21Right Time398 km
15Barsoi Jn04:4804:50Right Time425 km
16Dalkolha05:1205:14Right Time454 km
17Kishanganj05:4005:42Right Time482 km
18Aluabari Road06:1006:12Right Time513 km
19New Jalpaiguri07:3007:45Right Time569 km
20Siliguri Jn08:0508:10Right Time576 km
21New Mal Jn09:2009:22Right Time624 km
22Dalgaon10:1310:15Right Time678 km
23Hasimara10:4610:48Right Time703 km
24Hamitonganj11:0311:05Right Time712 km
25Alipur Duar Jn12:10Right Time737 km